The Ultimate Party Dress

Photo 6-5-18, 10 20 20 pm (2)


Photo 6-5-18, 10 20 20 pm

I generally prefer to wear shorter style dresses. However, it’s nice to have the option of something a little longer every now and then. Unfortunately, maxi dresses often end up falling in that awkward length somewhere between your mid calf and ankle. Sometimes you can pull this imperfection off depending on the dress’ shape, other times it’s completely out of the question. And that’s before you even add heels into the mix. Thankfully, there are a few people noticing that there isn’t much on offer in terms of length for taller women out there. Particularly in Australia. A perfect example was last week; I bought this stunning vintage blazer from a recycled boutique. Perfect fit everywhere except the arm length! It’s not really one I can cuff either, so I’m just going with the awkwardness. Sure, sizes go up, but garments tend to just become annoyingly wider instead of longer.

Height of Fashion founder, Natalie Matthews, is a 6″3′ Brit who has relocated to Australia and noticed the fashion gap for taller women…Thank God! In these images I’m wearing her insanely gorgeous Knock ‘Em Dead Striped Bodycon Dress. For once, the dress falls in the right places. The waist sits where it should (i.e not under my bra), and it finishes perfectly above my knee. I can see myself wearing this super flattering party-dress many times over. As soon as I tried it on I thought, “yep, this is the ultimate party dress.” It sort of reminds me of a packet of Lifesavers too, which just makes it even more fun haha. Anyway, you’ll be seeing me in this more than once so I’m just giving you the heads up now! Fashion repeat offender and proud 😉

Mel xo

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