How I Repaired My Hair

Currently, my hair is quite long, which never happens if I don’t look after it! In these pics I’ve used Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine gloss to smooth.


I’ve had a few horrific hair moments in my time. When I was modelling full-time my hair was regularly a limp, frazzled mess. Constant styling tends to do that to you, even those blessed with the most perfect, full head of tresses. I also remember one time, when I was about 23, I decided to try a new hair salon (by recommendation) BIG MISTAKE. Thanks to whoever gave me that little stitch up…Hmmm. I came home with perhaps 3 strands of white hair protruding from my head, leaving me with 2 options: A chin length bob or a number 1. I opted for the bob, which was only marginally more attractive than the full shave option. Late in 2016 I realised it was that time again. My hair was turning to straw as it seems to do when I go for a half head of foils consistently for a couple of years with no significant chop. Nowadays, I can see the dreadful signs earlier, so to most people my hair probably didn’t even look that bad. However, as the experienced frazzle hair guru that I am, in about December 2016 I had the foresight to realise it was my moment for change. I went from bronde/blonde-ish to brunette. Brunette is okay on me but I don’t love it. I definitely am more flattered by honey toned shades. Nevertheless and vanity aside, I was on my way to repair.

So when my poor strands are feeling neglected, how do I go about healing my hair? Check the tips below.

Discard the bleach – If you can wear darker shades or even a red, do that. I was only getting a half head of foils, yet over time that still took its toll. Unless you keep your hair shorter, long hair is going to look damaged from foils after it after a period of time (especially if you aren’t looking after it at all). I do understand there are some people who look hideous with darker hair, if this is so, maybe try stretching it out between hair salon visits or going for a shorter hair cut. If you’re getting a full-head of foils, you can try cutting it down to half. If you’re unsure and need some advice, go to Lee Preston in South Perth. They are the best you will find and will help you to maintain your dignity while also healing those ends!

Chop it! – Getting a hair cut is the best treatment you can go for! Not only do nasty ends look tacky, preventing further splitting from the bottom is a good start. Which reminds me, I’m due for one at the moment! Eeek.

Treat – Running a treatment through your hair once a week/fortnight is a really good idea. Make sure it’s a hydrating one. I love the Kerastase treatments, particularly the Masque Therapiste – though on the pricier side. I’ve also found the L’Oreal ones to be nice as well.

Stay Cool – As with stepping away from the bleach/peroxide, ditching the morning straightener/blow-dry is going to help you out considerably. Styling with heat regularly is very drying and damaging and leads to a lot of breakage. If you feel as though you’d rather DIE than leave the house without your hair perfectly preened, read this article for a little inspo.

Unstyled Chic – Following on from the previous point, if you’re making an effort to avoid over-styling your hair, try taking a cue from the French girls. Paul Hanlon, the hairstylist behind Chloe’s SS18 runway said the number one hair rule for the models was: no hair dryers or blowdries.
“We made sure that all the girls had their hair washed before they came to the show and allow it to dry it naturally so we could work with what they had.” The look was supposed to, “celebrate and enhance what they naturally have as opposed to forcing something that isn’t there,” said Paul. Try Klorane Dry Shampoo for volume and bounce (I love it!) and Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine is amazing for that, “languid, slept in look” (I also LOVE).

Kerastase – I touched on Kerastase briefly with the treatments, but ideally just go and buy the whole bloody range! Seriously! They have different formulas for each hair type, so there will definitely be something for you. I currently use the pink line, New Reflection, which is for coloured hair as my hair is in okay condition at the moment (thank God). I’ve used the green and orange at various stages, too. Kerastase isn’t cheap, but it really is the best. I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t truly believe so.

So that’s all I got. I hope there’s someone out there who finds this information useful. There’s no point hoarding all my tips so why not spread the love.

If you think I’ve missed any vital info, please let me know.

Mel xo



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