What the Heck is Vero? The Social Media App Everyone is Talking About (and why Instagram is dead)

It’s no secret everyone hates the “new” Instagram, Snapchat ruined itself a few months ago by making it some weird celebrity feed with no user friendly features and Facebook has been dead for eons. I don’t even mention Twitter because I feel that’s always just been a celebrity platform, but I know people whinge about their changes too!

As written by Izzy Smith from Izzywears.com, “We’re all a bit sick of social media recently, especially the ridiculous Instagram algorithm. I’ve been hoping for something else to come along and compete with Instagram – or just someone to do something! I woke up this morning to a few people talking about an app called VERO. I immediately had to google, what is VERO?”


Instagram has been the long time favourite for most social media users since around 2012. The early days of the app were blissfully uncomplicated; you followed who you wanted, and you saw them in your feed. Even if you only checked the app once per day, you had the option to scroll to the bottom of the feed till you hit the very last post you saw/liked and could be sure you’d seen everything. You also felt that instant connection of, “oh, Jasmine is at a pool party right now.” And the reason you knew this was because it was posted 5 minutes before and hovered around the top of the feed. Ironic really, considering the app’s name is INSTAgram.

Fast forward a few years and there’s no longer a chronological feed. Instagram decided it would show us what they perceived we want to see and it’s estimated that only about 10% of your followers actually see your posts. UNLESS you’re a world famous celebrity or whatever and without even trying your posts attract massive engagement, which means your post will always be shown high up in the feed. Funnily enough, even celebrities hate the changes with many calling IG out on it’s silly updates.

Image via Cosmopolitan http://bit.ly/2Fz9ZH5

This is similar to Facebook, who for the past year or so has made online marketers use Facebook Ads Manager because the people who chose to follow your business page won’t see it unless the business pays for it. Don’t quote me but I think I’ve read the organic reach for unpaid Facebook posts is less than 5% for business, and from my own work experience I know that if I don’t use Ads Manager it reaches like, 2 people. More on Facebook here. 

Instagram favours the big guys and buries the little guys (aka the average user). And guess what, if you don’t interact with your cousin’s posts, it means you will essentially stop seeing any of their posts in your feed. So interact (engage, like, comment etc) with who you wish to see, basically.

Instagram released this statement as part of the changes, “The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

Hmmmmm. Interesting theory, except what if you would still like to at least have the option of seeing them in your feed – after all you’re probably following them for a reason, right?


Vero has been around since 2015 and is owned by a couple of rich dudes. Recently, some high-profile Instagrammers endorsed the app and since so many people loathe Insta’s algorithm, the app has now seen an influx of new users sign up (myself included). Vero also offered the first 1 million users a free subscription, something which has caused a whole new set of issues in itself (read below).

Vero is offering what Instagram took from us:

  • A chronological feed
  • The ability to see all posts
  • No advertising
  • No “suggested people to follow” which clogs up your already annoying feed

So in summary, Vero has no ads, is in chronological order and additionally boasts cool categories such as the ability to share links, books, movies and more. I personally love the idea of these options!


To counteract the lack of advertising, Vero will eventually introduce a subscription fee. I personally don’t see this to be an issue if it means I get the feed I desire, however, there are some major tight asses out there. The biggest issue Vero has faced so far is the abundance of tech issues. This is due to the influx of new users jumping over from Instagram in the last few days, largely due to Vero’s offer of free sign-ups to it’s first 1 million users (I told you the world is full of cheapskates! Haha).

The Independent reported;

A flurry of posts from Vero’s Twitter account make clear that it is struggling to deal with the rapidly growing interest in the site.

“Due to very large traffic, we’re experiencing intermittent technical issues,” it posted. “We’re working to resolve them as soon as possible.”


I’ve only had Vero for a mere 24 hours (p.s follow me and I’ll follow back), however, technical issues aside I do like what I see. I haven’t been able to check my notifications for a few hours and the app has been timing out, but I am willing to be patient to see if these issues will be fixed. Their Twitter account is very prompt and transparent with their technical dramas, so at least their PR is intact.

The Run Down:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Standard follow/connect options
  • Timeline/news feed which shows you everything CHRONOLOGICALLY
  • Options for posting links, music, photos, videos
  • The usual like or comment set-up
  • The option for categorising who you follow into a Close Friend, Friend, or Acquaintance

Side note – I am actually surprised by how many people are on it! I was expecting it to be dead (comparatively speaking) but there’s more people I know already using the app, which is a bonus.

I hope you enjoyed the article and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the user experience you desire on an app very soon. If you have any further information or would like to discuss this topic more, feel free to contact me.

See below if you would like a little more light reading.

Mel xo

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