Silk, Sun and Sand


It’s easy to see how scarves tend to get stuck in the “Winter only” wardrobe essentials list, especially in our hot AF weather Down Under. Thankfully, silk is here to let us know it can be a year round fashion accessory which shouldn’t be ignored in the warmer months.

Kirrikin offers a range of cashmere and silk scarves to suit your season. Kirrikin sources local Indigenous artists and uses their artwork as prints for their accessories. I love the range of colours and prints which are unlike anything else I’ve seen available. Part of the profits are returned to the artists, as well as to Aboriginal women in prison.

Lightweight and floaty, Kirrikin’s silk line is versatile enough to be worn as a sarong, head scarf, shawl or the classic neck tie. I even tied them on my handbag sometimes.

My friend Melanie and I took a trip to City Beach, WA, to enjoy some sunshine and take in the views. Acting as both fashion accessory and windshield, “Gathering Mussels” in pink did not disappoint.



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