Rose Road: A post for anyone who wears activewear… and actually is active

Rose Road Leggings in Hawaiian Nights. All images by Michelle Karas.

I freely admit I’m not a massive Yoga fan. I mean, I don’t hate it…. but I’m definitely not the most devoted Chaturanga Dandasana chick going around. It’s a little boring to binge Yoga, however, I believe it’s an awesome companion to your weights/cardio routine. The stretching, core and meditative aspects are a nice contrast to the more stressful HIIT sessions, lifting and basketball which I usually favour. Rose Road leggings (pictured) in “Hawaiian Nights” are marketed as Yoga wear, although, we all know that’s just a term. The leggings not only make me feel alive with that incredibly girly pattern, they are ridic comfy too. I’m talking no sliding up camel-toe style, no butt-crack and no restrictions. It really does feel like second skin. As a sidenote, the big girl pocket hits the mark for me. Too many “activewear” or “whatever wear” tights offer you exactly zero in terms of pockets, something I find infinitely annoying. And don’t try to tell me those tiny little finger holes they put at the back or front of some leggings are meant to actually house an iPhone while you workout… Please. This is not 2007 with the Motorola flip phone. iPhones need something a little more sturdy. Even my keys (which is usually what I’m trying to pocket on a run) can barely fit in those annoying little pockets most sports label seem to consider appropriate.

I haven’t even got to my favourite part about clothing. The PRINTS!!! Most people who spend time with me would know by now that I LOVE prints. Rose Road specialises in gorgeous, unique prints, making their leggings all the more appealing to me. The functional, printed legging, what a perfect combination for my wardrobe 🙂

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Photography: Michelle Karas –

Mel xo

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