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Some of the best things about technology is the ability to stay connected, re-connect and explore like-minded individuals globally. It has never been easier to connect with people miles away, and this is precisely why I love the internet and social media so much. I can keep up with people I love but actually never see, and still feel like I’m a little close to them. I met Chimene Gordon in Sydney when we were both playing basketball with the Flames, and while we haven’t lived in the same location for years, we were able to re-connect via Instagram. As I find buying clothing and shoes a struggle at my size (185cm), I cannot even begin to imagine the struggle Chim goes through at 196cm!! However, Chim is more than just a beautiful Glamazon; she’s also a mum, ex-basketballer and marketing pro with 2 businesses! Pretty impressive! I wanted to chat to Chim and get her take on her daily lifestyle and her favourite designs for taller women. Read below:  

Morning routine at my place is a bit like all other aspects of my life currently, a juggle. I’m (mostly a single) mother of a 2.5 yr old and a 1yr old. So that glorious phase in the morning where women can toilet, shower, drink coffee, decide what to wear and put on make up goes a bit like this: bathroom time – 2 kids grabbing at me and trying to look down the toilet bowl while I’m siting on it, trying to come in the shower fully clothed……

This morning I didn’t get to put the clean washing away so selected something crumple free from the pile. But….this is a much more enjoyable task now that I’m connected with some amazing “tall” brands like Doubs Women (@doubswomen). It’s the most wonderful feeling to wear clothes that fit perfectly! This is no easy feat at 196cm!
As for make up I’m extremely basic unless going out. It has to happen quickly, tiny hands rummage though my bag and start tearing up sponges and smearing things! Sunscreen, foundation and mascara is literally it. I’ve recently given my eye liner the flick which is worth mentioning because it used to be the one thing I wouldn’t be seen dead without, being so fair I felt albino. But in recent photos I feel it’s actually closing my eyes in, making them look small. The switch to mascara only seems to open my eyes up.
Internet shopping has changed my life, literally. I used to loath shopping and have actually been laughed out of a few stores by rude sales people. Dressing used to be about making do, what could I get away with without being ridiculous?! But now I have access to some amazing brands that fit perfectly and mean I can actually enjoy fashion!

My love affair started with @heightgoddess (my Insta name is @heightgoddesau) but I’m now so happy there are some Australian brands popping up to support and enjoy! @doubswomen I adore you!! Feminine, comfortable and Australian made! Win!
I work in Marketing for Wilde Gluten Free Beers and as an offshoot of that we have started Wilde Retreats which organised Yoga and SUP Retreats. So with that comes the exciting opportunity to scout potential retreat destinations and collaborate with other lifestyle brands. I absolutely love this work (despite not being a yogi myself). Stand up paddle boarding and sup yoga have become real passions of mine. My babes travel with me and I just manage it, I refuse to let having small children make me put anything on hold. I’m all about living my best life and that means just juggling it all (and having absolutely amazingly supportive parents). I am looking forward to our upcoming Philippines Retreat in April next year…babes in tow.

As told to Giraffe Files August 2017. 

One thought on “Style Feature of The Aussie Height Goddess

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