Wardrobe Inspiration for Casual Friday!

“He’s looking, act natural”


Warm enough for a skirt in Winter… only in Perth!


“I’m the fax whisperer” … Goofing around with pics at work 😛

Like most workforces my current employment embraces the Casual Friday tradition on a weekly basis.
Depending on your personality, this weekly event either promotes happiness or stress.

Some of my colleagues bow out and opt for company logo shirts and black pants in order to avoid the stress of selecting an “outfit” at 6:30am. Others relish the opportunity to lose the shackles and wear something 100% comfy, or, if you’re me, you enjoy the opportunity to wear those cute little outfits stashed in your closet which may have collected a fair amount of dust due to lack of occasion.

I’m sure the Casual Friday blog feature is by no means unprecedented, however, I figure my personal fun and interest warranted a little thumb to keypad in this instance.

So for my debut “Casual Friday Feature” I present to you; my Wego pleated skirt, Country Road sweater, vintage peacoat and Mollini boots finished off with my mother’s cashmere scarf.
It’s sort of office-chic meets Japanese school girl. Or even a little Upper East Side Gossip Girl (they loved a peacoat!!)…

So here it is. Post #1!
Shoutout to my work mate for taking these pics. I hope you all enjoy! Would love to hear about/see your own version so please contact me for any features.

Mel xo

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