The Med Student and Exercise Scientist with HDs in Personal Style

Hannah (right) and Phoebe on the beach in Santa Monica. Hannah wearing Kirrikin as a shawl and Phoebe with her’s belted.


Foggy evening in Santa Monica
The boardwalk at The Pier
Baywatch or Venice Beach?

An overseas trip wouldn’t be complete without several wardrobe changes and overstuffed suitcases, so I grabbed the opportunity to interview two of my lovely travel companions about their impeccable personal style. Phoebe, a Med student at UWA (just don’t ask her anything about dinosaurs…inside joke 🤣🤣) and Hannah, an Exercise Science grad currently working as a Pilates Instructor in Perth, are more than just book smart. Both girls took some time out to answer a few burning questions, talk USA and allow me a mini photo shoot. Read below for a little insight into their inherent cool girl status…

How would you describe your personal style?

Phoebe: I’d say my personal style is casual and girly. I usually like to dress in simple pieces and neutrals colours with a lot of denim but I also incorporate pastel colours and floral prints. 

Hannah: I would have to say I don’t have a specific style, with my work I spend a lot of my time in activewear (which I love) so I feel as though that reflects also into my personal style. I love to clothing that is comfortable & easy to wear, but still fashion forward. I love florals & vibrant colours. 

Signature piece?

Phoebe: The classic denim skirt is definitely a wardrobe essential for me. 

Hannah: You will barely see me out of a pair of yoga pants! 

Summer fashion or Winter fashion?

Phoebe: Definitely summer! I love bathers, beachy clothing and cute summer dresses and playsuits. 

Hannah: I love both but I think I prefer winter fashion! 

It’s currently Winter in Perth, yet as you know our Winter is pretty “blink or you’ll miss it”… Give us a run down of your daily outfit?

Phoebe: On my average day I’m usually at uni so denim or black jeans and ankle boots are my go-to, usually with a neutral or pastel coloured knit. I also love coats but it’s often not cold enough here!

Hannah: Average work day – long yoga pants, a fitted shirt & jumper with a pair of runners. Daily wear – blue Jeans, black boots, long sleeve fitted shirt simple scarf & a leather jacket or a woolly jumper. 

How would you go about adding a scarf into your daily look?

Phoebe: I wear a lot of neutral colours, especially black so I like to add a bit of colour into my outfit with a bright scarf around my neck layered over long sleeve shirts or knits. 

Hannah: I love wearing scarves to avoid the wind chill on cool winter mornings. I love scarves layered over tops & jackets or if it is not as warm, wearing it over my shoulders as a shawl. 

Favourite way to wear a scarf?

Phoebe: Probably just around my neck! Normally I wrap it once and let the ends hang down either side.

Hannah: Your standard way! Around the neck to keep you warm! 

Tell us your thoughts on Kirrikin scarves…..

Hannah: LOVE! the scarves are so versatile, you are able to wear them in so many different styles, whether that be standard as a scarf or tied in your hair or as a belt on your bag. The best part about the scarves are that they stand out, they are a statement piece, a great way to dress up an outfit or add colour to your wardrobe

How would include Kirrikin into your wardrobe? 

Phoebe: I love the bright colours and bold patterns of the Kirrikin scarves, they work perfectly to add some interest to a simple outfit. The fun designs also can make them versatile enough to work into summer fashion as well – they work well as a shawl for a cooler summer evening, or twisted up to be used as a belt with denim skirts and shorts. 

Hannah: I love wearing florals & vibrant colours to brighten up my daily life. I would love to add the use of a Kirrikin scarf to dress up very plain work outfits (say when I’m wearing all black) or in the summer add it to my beach wear as a sarong or a scarf while at the beach. 

What did you enjoy the most about NYC?

Phoebe: I just loved how much was going on over there! Every area had something completely different to offer, I especially loved Brooklyn. The Brooklyn bridge was beautiful and Williamsburg was a particularly cute little area with lots of groovy cafes and vintage shops. 

Hannah: Too many things to name! I absolutely loved the energy, the constant hustle and bustle of people going about their daily lives. The city is so busy & bursting with life & it is so easy to find something to do. 

Finally…What did you enjoy the most about LA?

Phoebe: Staying in Santa Monica meant getting to enjoy the beautiful Venice beach and amazing shopping at 3rd street promenade and Abbot Kinney. 

Hannah: I loved Santa Monica, shopping on the 3rd street promenade & wandering down Abott Kinney (I can’t remember the spelling). Very alternative & a lot quieter than NY, giving yourself room to breathe but still plenty of things to do.

Mel xo

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