Cali Girls 

Here’s a few pics from our California stay! We stayed at The Ocean View Hotel right on the beach in Santa Monica. We had an absolute ball as there are ridiculous amounts of things to do and more shops than you can poke a stick at. We had our first Cheesecake Factory experience (“why you always gotta fight with me at Cheesecake you know I love to go there…” Drake voice..) (as it turns out, I do too!), popped our Fish Taco cherries at Blue Plate Taco (well, I kinda did…) first SoulCycle class (which is just as exhausting as they say, plus you spend the whole time trying to play catch up and feel semi uncoordinated/physically challenged with all the moves everyone else seems to know :/) while Hannah and Phoebe tried this boxing/circuit class leaving them crippled for a couple of days. As our time was limited we hired a car and drove around to The Grove, Rodeo Drive, The Griffith Observatory, glimpsed the Hollywood sign and explored Venice Beach. Venice was actually walking distance from where we stayed, so I managed to squeeze in some basketball viewing and caught The Venice Beach Basketball league in action. The teams even had some D-League players hitting the concrete. It was all very White Men Can’t Jump. Plus got asked to do a courtside interview/video as “The Dime” (LOL) which I’m hoping never sees the light of day….

The weather was super warm and “Australian” ish, so needless to say we fit in quite comfortably. Hannah and Phoebe in particular were just like locals; both gorgeous and super-fit, look amazing in “active wear” and permanently bronzed, you would be forgiven for mistaking them for LA Insta models!!! Despite the Summer situation going on, the evenings were a little breezy which meant we could make the most of our Kirrikin scarfs. Light enough for the warmer weather but enough to take the edge off the cool air, I often wrapped my little scarf around my shoulders as a shawl.

While I generally prefer the East Coast, I enjoyed my little stay in Santa Monica. It’s the antithesis of NYC, therefore, I can totally understand why jaded New Yorkers might escape to California for a shocking change of scenery. For me it’s a little fake though. Certain spots are very image based and all about “health” and fitness and exercise classes and green shit. The average New Yorker appeared to be much less image-focused in comparison to Aus right now. We have become completely consumed with being gorgeous. It used to be just the models/media peeps/anyone in front of a camera type of person who might indulge in some enhancements (both surgical and non-surgical) for obvious reasons. Now it’s your average Joe or anyone with the smallest amount of cash to burn. For this reason I think I would get past certain areas in Cali (it’s like the Australian image-obsession version x1000) but visiting is undeniable fun and I would certainly head back in a second!

I do need to head back to see the cacti, trek up Runyon Canyon, actually swim in the ocean (we did not swim once, probably because it isn’t a novelty for us at all) and head to San Francisco. They’re all on my extra-large bucket list!

For now I’ve finished up with some pics. I interview Hannah and Phoebe so that will be featured very soon 🙂

Trying Fish Tacos and Margaritas at Blue Plate! Delicious!! Except I had Sangria and steak tacos…. haha
Found the cutest little Venice Beach succulent garden
Big girl, little city…Almost all the way up to The Griffith’s Observatory… the view!
Santa Monica Pier with a hint of Californian fog
Venice Beach!!!!!!
A little dead in this shot but the sunset was nice. Venice Beach courts.
Along the boardwalk…Venice
The Grove in LA
The Santa Monica Pier again
Beautiful Venice front garden
Loved my Illesteva sunnies I bought at Barney’s at The Grove in LA. They actually fit my pinhead hehe
Some hoopers in action for The Venice Beach Basketball League… Pretty cool!

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