ASOS Tall Range 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! 

For once I’m not rolling around from eating way too much and somehow have barely been tempted by all the treats (thank God)! I also noticed retailers didn’t start selling eggs in January, unlike previous years where it feels like as soon as Xmas is over the Easter eggs pop up! 

As a side note, I have been exploring the ASOS Tall range online and I’m absolutely loving it! I bought the wrap dress (pictured) from their online store recently and am pretty much living in it. I also bought some fab jeans which can actually be worn with heels for once. It’s definitely worth a squiz. I’m not really an online shopper but for jeans and dresses with a longer fit it’s worth it. 

I’ll post more about this topic very soon. For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my long weekend 🙂

Mel xo 

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