The Most Perfect Party Dress by Realisation Par

If you’re an online shopper/Instagram scroller/fashion addict/woman you will have heard of Realisation Par in the last year or so, or at the very least noticed a few signature dresses on a number of famous celebs and “Influencers.”

I think it was the red sundress which caught my attention first. Short, red, and with white polka-dots and frills, it’s the kind of dress you would imagine yourself wearing at a picnic, on a date, or if you live in Perth then definitely at a wine tour in Margs.

For what seems like ages I’ve been saying to myself I need to order that dress. But then all of a sudden everyone had it. Every time I logged on there it was. Not that I am really one to care whether 5 people own something I like or 5000, but when I saw The Alexandra – Star Struck was available I knew I had to switch it up. I would still love to purchase nearly every style on the Realisation Par website, but obviously my bank account limits this (haha).

So after agonising between ordering the white or black, common sense kicked in and reminded me that I am a walking catastrophe in white. It would turn to mud in no time. Black it is! I thought, and away I clicked.

While I do really adore this little number (it is THE perfect party dress), I must admit it’s a tad short for me. If you’re 5″9 or 5″10 it’s probably the perfect length. It borders on pornographic when I wear it. I actually put a pair of jeans on and wore it as a slightly longer top on my first wear and I am just as impressed. Adding more to it’s versatility aspect, the wrap-style helps you out A LOT in terms of sizing. The measurements on the website are useful, however, you can wear it as tight or as loose as you like with the waist ties. The only issue is the arm sleeves of course, which will only stretch so far….

I’ve taken some pics below. Most are sitting so I don’t flash anyone haha (really need to sort that out) and please ignore the shadow which kind of resembles a penis on my wall… I think it must be my lamp! Hahaha…

Mel xo

I like the slightly longer skirt at the back
Everyone stands on their bed, right?!

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