Invisible Zips…Are They Really Worth The Hassle?!

Oh Heyyyyy! Stop, no more pics please… I swear I hate them…


K bye now… 

I bought this skirt from Zara last weekend. I absolutely love it. Zara and I have been tight since day 1, so when I noticed a SALE was on I knew I had to slide in (ermm…don’t take that the wrong way :/)

I came home with everything except what I was meant to be looking for (something far more boring). And I adore a high-waisted mini with heels, so it only came naturally that when I spotted this little number I had to try it on. As you can see it fit…which also meant that I had to buy it. It helps that it was marked down to $30 which is crazy in itself. So off I go with my bags and my new hip-hugging pal(s), however, not without wondering if I made the right decision…. You see, while high-waisted mini skirts are my spirit animals, invisible zips ARE NOT.

They’re up there with all white pants and tees…. We just can’t seem to get along!!! I have this gorgeous little skirt I found at Good Sammy a year ago and you know what…we had this passionate affair until I butchered the zip a few wears later. Argghhhh!!!!!

I just can’t seem to keep the flame burning. I love what they do but we just aren’t compatible (sound familiar?!?!).


So if you know the secret to keeping this beast tame and not running off the zip line and having to be repaired then PLEASE let me know.

In the mean time…isn’t it cute though?!?!?!

Mel xo




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