Wine Touring the Swan Valley

What to wear to a wine tour in the Swan Valley?

That was the question I asked myself last weekend while mentally preparing for my good friend’s birthday party.

A wine tour differs from your standard party; from what you would wear to the club, to a dinner party, or the good old West Aussie Sunday session we are famous for. My personal view is that it’s more akin to country club than disco.

So as the age old woman dilemma goes, the morning of event arrived and I had “absolutely nothing to wear.” Zilch. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! (#Standard) And not just in the quasi dramatic feminine perspective of having absolutely nothing to wear. I mean, I legitimately had nothing to effing wear.

Everything was either too nightclub, too beach, too Nunnery (is that even a thing?!), too Winter, too “I’ve worn this 750 times,” or too boring. Ew.

I procrastinate by washing and treating my hair, moisturising and THEN deciding I need coffee. So off I skip to the local shops to retrieve said coffee when I elect to procrastinate even further inside Cotton On. Now, in recent years Cotton On has majorly gained my respect. Prior to this, I never so much as stepped foot inside their stores. Recently, they’ve become the perfect affordable yet on-trend stop and considerably lifted their game.

So while I was feeding my procrastination, I managed to find the PERFECT wine tour attire. A black wrap-dress Diane VF would be proud of featuring cute florals and a tie around the waist. COULD YOU GET ANY CUTER?! Sorry for the caps…but honestly this dress was beyond suitable and at $35 whose complaining?!?!?!

I walked out with a $15 pair of silver specs and before you know it I’m dressed and on my way to les tour.

As my pictures suggest, I topped it all off with accessories (if you know me you know I’m the biggest accessory addict on the planet) from Tinkered By, as well as the jade necklace Mum bought in Thailand and my two favourite rings – a silver and sapphire from Turkey and a gold band gifted from my sister.

Unfortunately, my shoes are missing from the pics but I decided on tan espadrilles wedges (they’re pretty amaze) and a vintage red clutch I found in a second-hand store in Melbourne years ago.

Wine was drunk (some had far too much..haha), dance moves were attempted, laughs aplenty, Britney Spears made a cameo on the bus…the day was everything you could ask for. If you’re new to Perth you need to do yourself a favour and make a stop to our winery regions. Guaranteed fun times to be had! My favourite is The Sandalford.

The end of the tour saw us briefly visit The Aviary before walking down to Embargo in Elizabeth Quay were I slowly faded and ended up hpme by 9:30pm. He he he.

All in all the last minute effort paid off. But in my experience, it often does. Maybe over preparing isn’t always the best option after all???? There definitely seems to be a bit of an art to winging it that over-preparation doesn’t quite pull off.





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