Personal Take on Japanese Fashion

I promised I would recap my thoughts on Japanese style after my holiday, so here I am following it up finally!

While most aren’t exactly for me, I appreciate and definitely admire the styles on offer! You can’t help but be drawn in to their eccentricities. And Japanese women are nothing if not exquisitely well-groomed and put-together.

Aside from the whole taking your shoes off every 5 seconds thing, I loved everything about Japanese culture. When the house shoes were cute it was a bonus…and I am quite the fan of socks and slides as a side-note (the basketball chick in me)… haha…

Notabley there were three or four distinct “styles” from what I could see.

These were as follows; The Preppy/Cute, Harajuku/out-there, The Practical and The Slut. Haha. Pretty self-explanatory examples. I’m sure these aren’t the official names but I’m not sure how else they should be described. Haha. So that’s what I’m rolling with.

I only came home with a few items of clothing because I’m so much bigger than the average. And ONLY in Japan would you come across a store where EVERYTHING is one size fits all. Yep. I was shocked hahaha! And even more shocked when I found things to fit me. I never thought I’d get their skirts around my waist! The store was called Wego in Harajuku and I loved just about everything in there….

I did manage to find a gorgeous vintage Celine bucket bag at a vintage store in Takadonobaba for $13 which I haven’t put down since I left! Steal of the YEAR!

I wanted to take many street pics but I found some were quite self conscious about it. So I just included a few above.

The colder weather makes for interesting style, something I’ve always been envious of as an Aussie. We are so limited with our accessories even in our “Winter” because the temperature never drops low enough. We end up cooking! Or just looking silly and impractical. I relished in the opportunity to wear extra scarves and beanies and gloves which I would never be able to get away with in Perth.

If there is one prominent, noteworthy comment I have on my experience it’s my admiration for their ability to really own whatever look they were going for. It’s an “all-in” thing with them. There’s no half preppy, half outrageous. You gotta go the whole hog. And I think that’s a pretty cool trait to have, that self belief that you’re going to make it work wholeheartedly.

Mel xo


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