Back to Harajuku 

Just chilling in my beanie
Marli caught me hehe
Crepe from Takeshita dori. Yummmm!
Wego school girl skirt
Cute Harajuku girl I snapped

On Thursday Marli came over from Kyoto and introduced me to Wego. All week I had been asking her “where did those pants come from?” “Where did you buy that jacket?!” etc etc and the same response kept coming back at me. Wego in Harajuku. As I somehow walked straight past it on Harajuku’s well known Takeshita dori, Marli promised to make the trip from Kyoto and she me this gold mine herself.

Wego is super cute and full of fun things. I bought some love heart earrings, 2 skirts, a red beanie and some sparkly socks. I could have gone hard but exercised some restraint. I do regret not buying one of their knits but with 40 degree heat in Perth heading my way I figured it would be pointless for 6 months.

After some strong retail therapy we hit up the crepe stand that Marli had been drooling over for a week. In her words, it was “lit” (private joke) and certainly nailed it where my cravings were concerned. Not sure I could make the crepe stop a regular thing unless I wanted to look like an elephant, but as they say when in Rome! 

Harajuku definitely deserved two visits from me during my stay and if I lived closer I’m sure I would hitting it up quite regularly, with my bank account hating me too.

Mel xo

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