Travel Diary #1 – Bali

I booked a bit of a last minute holiday (been thinking about it for ages but hadn’t worked out the final details) and was luckily enough to have a stopover in Bali.

I say lucky because there are definitely worse places you could spend your time in between flights, but in general I wouldn’t say I am a massive Bali fan like many Australians are.

While there I popped into Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. I’ve heard so many great things about Potato Head so I had to see what was going on for myself! It’s definitely worth a visit, however, if you are after the “Bali experience” then it probably isn’t for you. Potato Head is glamorous and the everything is Australian priced. They have cute boutiques, vegan cafes and a poolside bar/restaurant/lounge area right on the beach which with a super cool vibe. Some of the people definitely thought they were a bit too cool as well, haha, but that’s another story!

When I arrived, it was hot AF. I had a restaurant spot which happened to be right in the sun and my sunscreen immediately melted off my whole body and makeup was totally out of the question unless you’re channeling the Panda or clown look. I ate my meal and ordered a delicious coconut drink before bailing to shelter and jumping in the pool. I still have no idea how I didn’t get scorched. Shout out to Coles el cheapo sunscreen hahaha.

The staff were so friendly and beautiful and even if you don’t stay there it’s a stunning location to visit while you’re in Bali. I would totally go back!!!! As with any tourist location there was an abundance of selfies taken, cocktails drunk and dancing going on. All in all FUN TIMES.

So I’m in Tokyo now and after a killer day yesterday (will explain in a later post) I am revitalised and ready to scope scene today.

Chat soon!

Mel xo


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