Happy 2 Years to Giraffe Style

I figure this is a fairly Giraffey-esque picture for my 2 year anni! Looking quite the giant at TPFF

Happy 2 years to my blog! WordPress kindly notified me of this achievement the other day and it also jolted my memory of the realisaton that I need to start consistently posting again.

Blogging is more time consuming than many would imagine. The photos are probably the greatest obstacle as you might need to find a location, someone to help you out which means fitting into their schedule, right timing/lighting and many other factors. This can be difficult when, if you’re anything like me, you seem to have fingers in a few different pies which means you can’t always predict what you’re going to be up to. The writing side seems to flow quite easily at least.

However, all the excuses aside, it is something which I enjoy. I like putting finger to keyboard and sharing my thoughts or recipes or photos. I am sure anyone who has me on their social media accounts or follows this blog understands I am partial to an upload (haha). And I have no issue with that at all. People talk about posting regularly as if it’s a shameful thing…yet we all do it and we all have accounts. It’s the world we live in! Of course bombarding isn’t great, but I feel a post a day is tolerable unless it’s offensive. Not to mention certain fields demand that level of sharing and interaction now. If you work in communications/media/etc then posting is part of your obligation and social media is a force to be reckoned with.

I digress. So, the 2 years has been fun and I’m glad I allowed WordPress to flog some more coin from my minimal account and allow my access for a further year. Thanks to all of those who have collaborated and contributed! It would be a shame to lose the memories and I’m thrilled to have created this university-born blog.

Mel xo


5 thoughts on “Happy 2 Years to Giraffe Style

  1. I love ready the things you put in Giraffestyle. There’s always something of interest and I pick up tips as well! Love that outfit you are wearing – earrings are great too!!

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