Personal To-Do-List

to do
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I’ve written a list!

I’ve been going through the motions lately! I need to get switch things up a little. So here goes…

  1. Less internet/TV and more reading
  2. More cycling…I have an exercise bike that doesn’t get used anywhere near as often as it should
  3. Cooking – I’ve been real lazy lately and need to get back on it!!!
  4. Yoga – I have a confession, I really don’t like it… but I feel better when I do it AND I know it’s a great complimentary workout to weights/basketball etc
  5. Dust – it’s piling high on my dressing table :/
  6. Travel – I need to get some in very soon
  7. Eat more greens – I find this really difficult to do!

Let me know what things are on your personal to-do list right now 🙂

Mel xo

7 thoughts on “Personal To-Do-List

  1. 1. Stop yelling at Rocco when he takes 20 minutes to put his shoes on before school. 😂😂😂
    2. Long power walks with Harper while I have time.
    3. Give myself more time to read.
    4. Wax more regularly. 😉

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