Height Goddess Clothing

What a cheeky photobomb!!!



It’s inevitable given my lifestyle that I’ll run into some tall people from time to time. Having played basketball and been a model for a decent portion of my life, both fields were going to bring me in close contact with the lanky folk. Many of my “normal” friends can’t believe it when I tell them that amongst my circles I am not the tallest. Currently, I have a team mate who is 6ft 6in! And last season I had quite a few gorgeous women around the 6ft 5in mark in my daily activities. Models vary of course, just as basketball players do – it’s a myth that all models and all basketball players are tall. Both can come in very small packages as well!

But enough of that! The reason I am here is because I want to talk about Height Goddess! I have a basketball pal from Sydney who is an ambassador for Height Goddess –  a clothing line for tall girls, who put me onto their jeans collection (see pics). I also am wearing one of their comfy tees! I love that I can wear heeled boots with the bootleg jeans as they are actually long enough for once! Something you cannot always rely on when buying mainstream! The tee sits at a nice length too, and instead of billowing out like most shirts do when all you really want is length, this one keeps its shape.

My little niece (who definitely doesn’t need to shop at Height Goddess yet) couldn’t understand how she wasn’t involved in the action (a camera isn’t pointing at ME? WHY!). Anyway, I thought her little bombing pic was cute so I actually ending up using it.

I definitely recommend taking a peek at the Height Goddess website if you’re struggling to find style to fit your long limbs!


Mel xo


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