I jumped on the Aztec Indian Secret Healing Clay bandwagon….

indian healing clay
Image via Pinterest

And I like it!

This clay is a massive mainstay for beauty bloggers. I’ve been hearing about it for years but of course, here in Down Under, we don’t stock it. And despite globalisation there doesn’t seem to be an online store that ships it to Oz either.

So I kinda of gave up on the idea. Kind of how I feel about ever trying any of the Glossier products which won’t ship internationally. *boo hoo*

I was a little skeptical, as always, that it wouldn’t live up to the hype. Despite paying FAR more than I would have had I bought it overseas, the price on eBay still wasn’t too miserable so I decided to take the plunge. I was super excited when it arrived and made sure I rushed to buy the organic ACV that everyone raves about and which you apparently must use it with.

clay hand
Image Credit: everylittlespoon.com

So you mix equal parts vinegar and clay powder in a non-metal bowl with a non-metal spoon. This is another thing all agree on and which is emphatically directed on the label. I used a wooden bowl and spoon for stirring which seemed to work fine. It dries like all other face masks (see above pic) and slowly tightens after a few minutes. I apply quite a generous amount on my face cause I really love the smooth moussey, cold texture.

At first I was disappointed because this supposed “pulsating” effect wasn’t happening. However, I stuck it out and after about 15mins or so I started to feel it. It isn’t quite to the effect of Karen Bowen’s enzyme facial which has the most incredible pulsating effect on your face and neck, but it was pretty good for a at home DYI.

So I leave it on about 20-30 minutes then wash it off in the shower. This is a bit of an effort, especially if you put a thick layer on like I do. When you first wash it off your face is slightly red. This disappears and you’re finally left with a refreshed glow. If you have blackheads and are prone to clogged pores I think this mask is really great. My skin felt clean and buffed. Definitely use a good moisturiser after as you will feel quite tight. A sheet-mask even, especially for those who are prone to dryness.

I tried the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for its heavily worshipped cleansing reputation. I had never seen so many consistently positive reviews on one product EVER. I used it on my mother and her skin looked brand new afterwards. I think it definitely helps with cleansing, which in turn helps with clogged pores and essentially, acne.

I’m going to use it twice a week and see how I go. With all the makeup I have to wear for work each day it’s nice to get a deep cleanse in, especially when it isn’t always possible to get a facial.

Clear skin = happy girl!

If anyone else has tried it let me know!

Chat soon xo





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