Stretching Out With The Vertically Challenged Playsuit


2016-05-01 17.34.02-1

For those who follow my Instagram account (@giraffe_style) you may have noticed I indulged in the playsuit recently. I’ve always skipped over this (for some) essential little number due to a major issue I lovingly refer to as The Camel Toe Effect. 

A look least desired, it’s especially prevalent among us taller folk whose torsos are generally longer than whatever China considers to be the appropriate length. SO NOT ATTRACTIVE. Or comfortable, for that matter.

I spied the Lioness (pictured) playsuit on Instagram. Worn by Elle Ferguson (They All Hate Us) who is said to be in the taller category, I thought I would give it a go myself. My back-up plan was to resell on eBay or give it to a friend if it didn’t fit, so all bases were covered in my risk taking process (ever the female brain haha).

Luckily for me, it does fit. JUST! It could do with another generous inch, though with the slouchy style it works as it is. I enjoy the versatility too, as I can see myself “Wintering” it up with some stockings and boots and blazers.

I tried to get Mother Dearest to take a few pics of me but she is terrible at framing up (the best is the one above this text), so my trusty pal Hannah took these for me today (shout out!).

If anyone else out there knows of some decent length playsuits/rompers then let know! I’m keen to get involved. This one actually comes in a khaki shade as well, so as they say….”so nice she bought it twice.”

2016-05-02 16.45.31 2016-05-02 16.44.40 2016-05-02 16.44.10

Mel xo

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