Kirrikin: Luxury Indigenous Accessories

Finally it’s Autumn and we can say goodbye to that horrendous heat that us Perthites have to deal with 6 months of the year.

I realise many actually move here for that precise reason, but for me it’s such a drag. I am always ecstatic when the first glimpses of rain and grey reveal themselves around May.

When I found out our good family friend (and business woman) Amanda Healy was involved in a line of accessories I was immediately curious. Scarves are one of my favourite accessories (okay, I love ALL accessories…) so I had to find out more surrounding this new endeavour.

“Kirrikin” roughly translates to “Sunday’s best clothes.”

The line “features artworks of contemporary Indigenous Australian artists, showcased on stunning handcrafted silk & cashmere scarves; silk neckties, bow ties & pocket squares.” And before you start wondering, yes, a portion of every profit makes it’s way back to the artist.

The scarves feature artwork stemming from the artists’ roots of the aboriginal people, traditions and lands, “the essence of Australia.”

I was pleasantly surprised by the variation of prints available on each scarf. I think many of us have a very distinct picture of indigenous artwork that doesn’t capture the full scope of what is on offer. As you can see from the images, each scarf is completely different to the next and not traditional indigenous art.

The option of either silk or cashmere is ideal for our Aussie climate as we don’t always need a thick scarf for our cooler months. The silk option works perfectly in Autumn particularly – I’ve been living in my Francine Kickett silk (see below).

A scarf is such a great addition to any wardrobe for it’s ability to perk up the dullest of clothing, add a hint of colour and also look as though you tried a little harder than you really did. Then there’s the logical use to actually keep you warm (pfft, logic when it comes to fashion?! Who saw that one coming?!)For this reason I am constantly embracing the scarf option in the cooler months. I just feel that tiny bit more chic and tiny bit more warm without layering myself with a huge, heavy coat.

Have a scroll down for a look at some of the photos I took with my stand-in photographer/friend Hannah Fell over the weekend. I’ve listed the artists names and material used as well, in case anyone is interested in the details.

For further info please visit


Silk scarf by Francine Kickett
Silk scarf by Anna Price Pitjarra


Cashmere scarf by Emma Kerslake

FullSizeRender (4)
Cashmere scarf by Anna Price Pitjarra
Mel xo

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