Is Your Eyebrow Game Really That Strong?

Eyebrows on fleek/point/strong…. these terms have been coined over the past few years as the obsession with eyebrows has reached new heights and shows no sign of slowing down.

Except, I seem to be the only one who finds the majority of brows getting around the place to be, well, completely hideous.

I blame the Kardashians’ for our original influence – and initially it was a welcome change. They took over our TV screens and changed our brow perception forever (namely Kim).

Plucking your eyebrows into oblivion or flaunting awfully unruly brows used to be a real thing. Eyebrows were overlooked big time and I remember I was one of few people in my circle who would even use a bit of light pencil! I remember girls looking at me like why is she using that? It was almost an overlooked, unnecessary annoyance women just didn’t want to bother with because brows were a minute detail compared with eyes and skin etc.

And yet, here we are a few years later with tattooing, feathering, gelling, powdering, trimming, threading and shaping everywhere in droves.

I’m still over here with my 80s pencil and brow brush looking completely out of date. Oh, actually I use brown mascara to add a bit of fullness but really it’s such a minimal process it’s hardly worth mentioning.

So why the hate? If you haven’t looked at someone’s face and physically cringed by the state of their excessively overdrawn brows then maybe you’ll never understand… but I certainly have. MANY A TIME.

Age poses no measure either, although I would say some of the worst I’ve seen have been in the under 25 range (sorry guys).

We have access to more brow equipment than ever, which somehow translates to an overuse of product – just because we can.

Since this article is clearly 100% subjective, I’ve added some examples of what I consider attractive brows (below). Attractive because they haven’t distorted their natural shape/colour… they have been enhanced not changed.  I’ve chosen not to include the horror stories as I don’t wish to be too shaming and negative. Also, I’m fairly certain people can work out the type of atrocities I’m referring to by just reading what I’ve written (haha). For example, while I have seen people who go there come back with lovely looking brows, I do find some of the cult eyebrow therapists own brows to be fairly terrifying! Funny how that works.

I’ll finish with this: If it looks like a caterpillar on steroids has taken over your forehead then you can guarantee it’s not the best look….IMO 😛


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Chat soon!


Mel xo

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