The 7 Dilemmas Only Girls With A Nose Piercing Understand


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I’ve had my nose piercing for a few years now and it’s working out.

I think I’ve found “the one.”

Only problem is, like all relationships, we have our fair share of woes to go with the upsides. A massive issue I’ve been presented with is the distaste of my mother. Oh how she loathes my nose piercing!!!! I generally succumb to the pressure that is my mother (if you know her you will understand). But on this topic I’ve managed to stay firm.

Aside from this, I’ve made a list of the common tribulations us pierced folk endure on an almost daily basis.

1. You regularly look like you’re picking your nose…

This is my most common dilemma. I always seem to be itchy up there, or have hair caught in it, or need to readjust it. Having your finger shoved half way up there in public is always going to be awkward.

2. The decision between wearing a stud and a hoop is real…

For years I’ve been a strictly stud girl, but I recently made the switch when a male friend told me the studs were only for Indians (haha, thanks Brennan!). Well, cheers for the honesty. I always considered the hoop a little too ghetto for me, but now I’ve kind of got used to it and enjoy it. For me I think it works because I’m pretty conservative in the rest of my style that I can flirt with danger a little with the hoop.

3. Washing your face can be lethal…

The very first time I washed my face after getting my nose pierced I ripped it out and had to go back to the piercing clinic for it to be poked it back in. I’d tried to google how to do it myself, but it was still so sore and swollen that I was basically useless. I think this was on night 1 too. I would like to say I learned my lesson the first time, however, it took me quite a few more stud-to-towel incidents before I became more conscious of the metal in my face. Now, it’s just second nature to be softer, even when it’s not in (so I guess that’s a good thing…).

4. When you have a cold or hayfever it works essentially a snot catcher… 

Best thing to do is take it out. Do not bother trying to fight the tissues v nose ring battle. You’ll end up with snot everywhere, itchy and just plain frustrated. Too hard basket for sure.

5. The risk of losing your stud/hoop increases ten fold if you play sport…

Removing the tiniest material and trying to place it somewhere “safe” in your gym bag is an impossible task. I had a team-mate who used to place it in her sock. I tried that once, it ended up lost forever (do not recommend). Taking it out before leaving the house or putting it in your purse zipper are probably your best options.

6. Furthermore, don’t forget to take it OUT while playing sport…

Worse than losing a ring is actually getting it ripped out! This has never happened to me but it’s definitely a phobia. Ouch!

7. You’re constantly buying new ones…

I’ve been pretty good, but I’ve still lost more than I care to share. They aren’t easily available either so it’s preferable if you just don’t lose it in the first place!!! I’ve been stressed beyond repair trying to find a suitable size after my last one pulled a Houdini.

3 thoughts on “The 7 Dilemmas Only Girls With A Nose Piercing Understand

  1. Hahahaha that’s the first time you’ve ever thought a guy had any taste in fashion.
    You usually go and change if a male says you look nice. ( must say alot about poor old Brennon)
    I might add if that has been on or hanging off your nose since birth you would of wanted surgery as soon as you were old enough to speak.
    Your lovely nose now has a permanent dent by the way.
    Oh well I guess I’ll have to just keep hating it for awhile longer. 😘

    1. I’ll check it out 🙂
      I like the corkscrew studs when I wear them (not sure if this is what you mean by an angled stud or not??). I HATE the straight studs too…they fall out of my nose! Haha. xx

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