The Lip Pencil




We talk about gloss, we talk about balm and we talk about lipstick… but the forgotten sister lipliner is making headway these days and I’m about to tell you why.


If you’re as much of a lip colour fanatic as I am, you will understand the necessity for lasting impact.

I loathe the smearing of product on coffee cups or any other drinking vessel. I really want something that I won’t be required to reapply every five seconds, or worried that it might have finished up on my chin after a night out.

Lip liners seems to work best if staying power is key for you. As mentioned, it definitely is for me.

Of course, those lovers of shine may not agree as liner is obviously quite matte in appearance.

Recently I discovered the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil after Rosie Huntington-Whiteley endorsed it on her Snapchat account…and I LOVE it! It’s worth the $40 price tag from Mecca and lasts the long-haul.

There are a variety of tones to choose from but I fell in love with Mysterious Red.

Kisses! It looks a bit pink here... but it really is red
Kisses! It looks a bit pink here… but it really is red

One essential piece of info I will hand over before you take the plunge, however, is to ensure your lips are both exfoliated and moisturised pre-application.

As liners are quite dry, any matte wear is sure to appear unflattering on dry, flakey lips. Not a good look sister! I also like to apply some hydrating balm beforehand so they are freshened up before application.

Oh, one last thing – you might want to invest in the NARS sharpener while you’re at it. Save you hunting around for the right shape for weeks afterwards and left unable to wear the colour until you do! Trust me, there is nothing more irritating….

Mel xo



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