Fringe World – Big Boys II


I had my Fringe Fest cherry popped by my best friend G over the weekend.

I’ve been wanting to see a show since it started but my schedule hasn’t always aligned with my interests.

I was also meant to review a few of them officially but had training or a game at exactly the wrong time! Nooooo! Anyway, I made up for it by going to a pretty awesome act on Saturday night.

As expected at any event, the fashion on display was a real mixed bag and made attending ever more interesting. I had quite the time people-watching.

I wore one of my favourite leather skirts by Shakuhachi with a white august singlet, Dinosaur Designs black drop earrings, snakeskin flats and a vintage leopard print clutch.



So, onto the show! It was pretty entertaining. Both are amazing dancers and the theme of the act was humorous and clever. By amazing dancers I also mean to say incredibly ripped, hot and ummm talented…he he.

Held at the Pleasure Garden in Russell Square; the act, Big Boys II, was hosted by South African brothers, Ash and Brad Searle, who danced and acted their way through the satirical plot of Ash accidentally missing his wedding day and then attempting to “decipher” the subtext of a letter written to him by his fiance. Through much prompting via Brad, Ash is convinced they both must travel to London where he will be reunited with his fiance.

Of course, the whole expedition goes pear-shaped because the letter was naturally misinterpreted (gosh, MEN!) and she really just meant what she said, which was the the wedding date was to be postponed and hopefully he would be able to make it.

It’s so great Perth has had the opportunity to host Fringe Fest and I am thrilled I finally got my ass into gear (or G got it into gear rather) and was able to catch one of the last shows for this year.

Next time round I’m hoping to be more present.

Mel xo



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