Inside Elena and Staci’s Beach Bag

Last week I did a post about my beach bag rudiments, which I am sure to most appeared ridiculously extravagant!!!

I told you all how I love a good peek inside others’ bags, so this week I give you Ashleigh Vellios’ simplification.

Ash is a PR/Journalism graduate and also writes her own fashion blog; Elena and Staci.  You may remember a post I featured her in a little while ago presenting her 70s style. 

When she isn’t busy blogging away, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her fiance, Francois, who even proposed to her on the beach in the dead of Winter (what a romantic).

“We love the beach. In Summer, we try to go every weekend!”

Ash is a northern suburbs gal, which means she often frequents the beaches of Quinns, Alkimos, the Yanchep lagoon, Whitfords, Sorrento and Mettams pool.

With Macedonian and German descent Ash does have the ability to tan, however, she is still fanatical about sun-care and won’t leave the house without a high quality SPF in her tote.

“I always wear a high SPF sunscreen and cover up, so I don’t usually get much of a natural tan. My mum has has suffered with a lot of issues with skin cancers and that’s put me off from sunbathing. I have started to fake tan a lot instead and I’ll use Bondi Sands.”

I love Ash’s approach to her beach guide essentials as a complete divergence from my own unbridled clutter!

Oh, and of course she looks damn fine doing it too!

Her beach tote includes:

Cetaphil sunscreen

Isola by Megan Gale bikini

Bag and towel by Seafolly

Wide brim straw hat

Birkenstock sandals 


I’ll hopefully catch you seaside very soon!

Mel xo



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