What’s in your beach bag?

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I must admit I do love a good nosy around other peoples bags. Bathrooms too. Not because I’m a creepy stalker, I just find it interesting to see how other people organise themselves, plus sometimes I’ll do a semi/unofficial shop for myself…Oh wow, never heard of this scrub/moisturiser/treatment…

It can also tell you a lot about a person. Are they high maintenance or low maintenance? Do they pretend to be one, but are secretly the other? Organic? Hippy? Are they a gel cleanser or milk cleanser fan? Do they spend hours prepping their hair or seemingly have zero hair maintenance? All these questions are intriguing to me and I definitely gain insight into one’s style.

So it’s no surprise really that this interest extends to beach bags as well.

I went to the beach with my friend Hannah yesterday (you will remember her from the vlog I did with her a little while ago) and couldn’t help but notice the striking difference between my carry-on luggage and her’s.

“Nice beach bag…” I said jokingly at her little plastic grocery bag with a few random items chucked in. We both shared a giggle at the obvious disparity.

Enter mine. Large straw bag including; 1x leopard print cap, 1x Polo cap, 2x Turkish beach towels (for my long ass legs that hang over onto the sand if I just use the one), 1x water bottle, 2x sunscreen, coconut oil for hair (or Huile de Leonor Greyl) , purse, iPhone, lip balm, sunglasses. Sometimes I will put oxelio topique on before sunscreen (not available in Aus) for extra sun protection on my face. 

You would have seen me wearing this bag in previous posts as I love it so much. Notably in the crochet feature.

I often take a sarong to wear too, but the Turkish towels double as sarong/towel anyway. And, if I am going somewhere after I’ll bring a tin with soap in it to wash myself, in this case L’Occitane.

Obviously, judging by the contrasts between our bags, I evidently fit into the high-maintenance category for seaside visits. Hahahaha. Woops.

I just need all this stuff! Coconut oil for hair sun protection and post body moisture, sunscreen for obvious reasons (hellooo premature ageing!!), water because otherwise I’d die of thirst….etc etc.

It’s funny because my beach bag seems to outweigh my everyday life routine. I probably use 3 products on my hair and body per day. Max. I do always buy large handbags and have an abundance of crap in those everyday too. So perhaps I’m just a hoarder?

To broaden the sample size, I selected my friend and fellow blogger Ash Vellios of elenaandstaci to do a little feature of her beach style and carry-on. Ash will be delivering a post for me very soon which I will share as comparison.

Feel free to come chat to me about your beach routine, I would love to hear 🙂

Mel xo









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