Style Feature: Crochet

Overlooking Perth – I love this city!

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What is orange to you?

For me it can signify sunsets, the fruit, Summer time, my basketball team (go the mighty Suns!) or even my mother (she loves a good shade of orange).

For many it is ostentatious and loud, positively unflattering and certainly risky in terms of style.

I’ve never quite understood the hesitance involved with purchasing anything even close to a shade of orange which so many fear.

How is it any different to shocking pink or yellow? I have noticed quite the reluctance from men and women alike when it comes to rocking the tangerine.

Colour aside, anything crochet catches my eye and when I found this little top hanging in the window of my local I couldn’t help but try it on.

I find the transparency alluring yet not quite seductive, and eye-catching without the promiscuity.

I feel you could wear crochet on a date without him presuming you were, like, totally up for it, yet at the same time it will still provoke interest…Not quite the provocation of a low-cut top or cheek-skimming mini-skirt – the mystery will still prevail.

I spent an evening at the South Perth foreshore with my mother and niece. We had the most marvelous time. Of course, it was an outing painted in crochet orange.

I love this top because it can be worn casually or over bikinis after the beach and convert straight to your everyday life.

If you haven’t added any crochet to your wardrobe I recommend you trial ASAP.

Mel xo





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