Second-hand Gingham Love

Photo taken by Christine Fox @ Vivien’s

Happy Monday everybody!

Although it hasn’t been so happy for me actually, I’ve had a terrible stomach bug for a couple of days and am only just beginning to feel semi-normal today.

Pre-gastro, I went shopping in Fremantle at the markets. Initially the idea was to look at succulents with my mum and friend Sass….turns out the succulent stall decided to bail at the last minute so it was off to peruse clothing instead (what a shame) (actually I was honestly devastated re: no succulents or cacti).

It wasn’t until I was almost back at my car that I walked past the Good Sammy… I can never resist a quick browse in there, I always find cutie things and this time did not disappoint.

A massive $9 later I came out with two shirts, including this gingham number which I love.

In the picture above I’ve knotted it above my belly button, but it generally has a more billowed bottom which I like with tiny shorts (how shocking that I would choose to wear tiny shorts?? Me? Never!). So I feel it can be worn both seasons in Australia (I say two cause we seem to skip over autumn and spring). 

My agent from Vivien’s – Christine, took this digi the other day when I went in to update some photos.

I never indulged in the gingham trend when it was huge a couple of seasons ago, yet here I am finding new love at the Good Sammy….

So there you have it, finding someone’s old love and making it yours isn’t just restricted to relationships.

Tell me your dos and donts for wearing vintage or gingham!

Mel xo


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