Candidly Blue On My Last University Visit

My pants scrunched at the knee…#tallgirlprobs


This photo was taken on my last trip to uni last year. Not my last class, but my last actual visit.

I like the no f*cks about this image. Not trying to be too philosophical here but there is something really nice about a completely unplanned, non-prepped, simple photograph of an individual as themselves.

And by them themselves I mean truly themself, no posing or angles or care reflected.

I remember feeling a little “blue” at the time actually, so my boyfriend snapped a picture of me as my whole presence represented the one mood.

Actually, he thought I looked cool with my dirty hair and dad-style sunglasses too.

I rolled out of bed and selected this outfit for specific comfort purposes.

The pants are from Cotton On. I bought them on a whim for my lazy days when I just want to be comfortable but not look like a hobo in sweat pants. I’ve worn them at least 500 times since then.

They also pair with perfection with my birkenstocks (always a winner).

The singlet is also Cotton On, weirdly, as I certainly wouldn’t refer to myself as a default Cotton On kind of girl. Admittedly, they’ve significantly lifted their game over the past couple of years.

I do kind of like the blue-on-blue thing, and maybe it’s just that we’re so attuned to matching as opposed to clashing that the slightly un-stylish portrayal is of value to me.

Happy New Year everybody!

Mel xo





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