Sleeping Chic in the Summer Time

Oh December. Full of your sunshine and Christmas decorations, parties and trips to the beach!

Despite all the festivities, one thing I do struggle to do in the Summer is relax! Quite simply, it’s too hot for this old Giraffe! 

Night time is particularly rough for me, as a lover of the doona I find it difficult sleeping with anything lighter than a quilt and am not a fan of sleeping in the nude either (that’s just weird)! There’s just something about both options which makes me feel really exposed… Didn’t you know the doona also doubles as protective body armour?!

So I’ve come up with a few ideas for nice, cozy, “Summer nights in” us hot weathered pals may enjoy!

Firstly, if you’re anything like me you’ll ditch the idea of indulging in any kind of “sexy sleepwear.” Honestly, I have no idea how some females sleep comfortably whilst also channeling Dita Von Teese. Most nights my attire includes an old t-shirt and grandma underpants from Target! I can’t do the clingy, lacy nighties or anything close to resembling a matching “set.” It all seems too contrived for me.

That’s not to say I loathe lingerie altogether, just not for comfort purposes! Adore Me have dazzling sleepwear which is both attractive and comfortable. I love their Krystin sleepshirt in blue, as well as their Melody cami and short set in purple. Adore Me has also mastered the short robe which fits effortlessly with our Aussie climate; I love the silkiness of their Kelsey kimono robe which makes me feel like an Aussie Geisha (perhaps an over-grown version anyway haha). What I admire in Adore Me’s selection is their variety, therefore, if you are looking for more sexy lingerie wear they have all bases covered. Again, if you’re similar to myself, you will be opting for their vast variety of comfortable sleepwear. It’s a win-win!

At the moment, my favourite pajamas are the pink tiger shirt I bought from the tiger zoo in Thailand and I usually pair this with some cute leopard print shorts. Unintentionally sticking with a big cat theme here!

For bright mornings I put an eye-mask on like I’m on a plane! Sometimes my window doesn’t block enough morning sunshine and I end up waking up with the birds…not cool for the Giraffe’s complexion! Just don’t have it on too tight or you will end up with sleep lines everywhere like a railway track! Ugh!

For slightly colder Summer nights, I bring out my Peter Alexander grey shirt and 3/4 cat pants my sister bought me. This season we’ve had some really random cooler weather for this time of year, as a result this combo has been getting the call-up more than one would expect!

I am also quite the robe wearer. I do truly adore a nice robe to wear around the house! The blue patterned one I photographed is from Saudi Arabia and I am yet to find a local one more comfortable and unique.

To relax before bed time I enjoy drinking a variety of caffeine-free teas. My favourite is Rooibos African red tea or plain old peppermint.

Sometimes if I’m feeling motivated I’ll chuck a treatment in my hair, either Kerastase or just an oil like coconut or argan. I rub creme into my hands every night before bed as well. I love the original Neutrogena Hand Cream.

I like to read a book or peruse my best-loved websites to zone out, as well as check my Instagram and Pinterest feeds for inspiration and creative ideas.

Scrolling my best loved site’s before sleep time! Also time for some yummy tea!

Finally, I love to watch TV and debrief the day with my Mum as a pre-bed thing…. we’re both huge suckers for crime stories and history documentaries.

If you have any other ways for winding down on warm Summer evenings I would love to hear them.

For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a good night’s rest!

Chat to you soon!

Mel xo



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