Yellow Fever for Wedding Wear

As usual, my super disorganised boyfriend (sorry Simon hehe) gave me very minimal notice for a wedding we attended last night in Fremantle.

After identifying the fact that I had absolutely nothing to wear I decided to bring in the big guns and ask Susan of SuzSuq Vintage Designerwear if I could borrow an outfit.

Honestly, if I could afford it I would probably just take over her whole online store and relocate it to my own wardrobe.

Ever predictably, when I showed my father the dress his comment was “are you off to a hippy wedding?” I knew that one was coming! He clearly does not appreciate the exotic look I was channeling! Haha.

Just to clear things up, the dress is not filed under the hippy section!

I love all the colours, silky dresses and gorgeously over-the-top bags and purses you can find in her treasure trove, from classic designers such as Gucci and Chanel to unique accessories and silks sourced directly from the markets of the Middle East, I’m sure to find something I love every time I visit.

Last night was no different of course. The silk makes you feel like you are walking through water and I couldn’t have asked for a cuter purse to join me. I love the little pom poms! The bag is handmade from India and the dress is Kuwaiti. 

The Arabic ring I wore I actually ended up buying off Susan, and the earrings are my mother’s.

With so much going on with the dress and bag, I was fortunately able to go natural with hair and makeup….and thank goodness because the extreme gale force wind would have destroyed any kind of hair style or pristine makeup.

Besides, my hair was literally 99% dry shampoo after a week on the training track, so slicking it back into a neat bun was as convenient as it gets!

All in all it was a pleasant evening. I hope you like the pics!

Mel xo


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