I’m Baaack, PLUS The LD on Summer Body Oils!

I’ve finished my final two units (yay) and I’m back in action ready to tackle the world!

My brief hiatus is officially O-V-E-R, which naturally means I’m ready for some more blogging fun!

So, for the first post back I felt talking body oils was a pretty hot topic for this time of year (mind the pun).

I’ve been a fan of oils in my beauty routine for years and find them incredibly under-utilised by other people.  

A makeup artist introduced me to jojoba and vitamin e oil for my slightly sensitive, slightly oily skin and I’ve more or less experimented with them for face, hair and body ever since!

A little on the cuticles, a little on the strands, a little on the face…the bathtub! Everywhere!

They’re a multipurpose and I am definitely a huge fan of those products, hence my extensive list of Eight Hour Cream, Homeoplasmine, Yu Be Cream etc. Why??? Well, they seem to always have a place. The “versatiles” as I like to call them.

Below is a list of some stunning oils for body which are worth a go. They vary in price though I can’t go past the Neutrogena body oil or Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse personally!

For face and hands, I really love to use natural cold pressed jojoba oil. Your cuticles and fingernails love it! You may want to experiment with brands as I find some are better than others, however, my mum loves the Australian Jojoba Company for face.

I love all types of hair oils, and truly believe coconut oil and almond oil are right up there as some of the most nourishing treatments for dry hair! Either gently spread on the ends of towel-dried hair, or used as a treatment, both oils are very effective. Don’t use too much though, as they can weigh your hair down (particularly if it’s fine like mine is).  I also find coconut to be brilliant on hands too.

Whether you are using an oil straight from the bottle or a more fancy cosmetic variety such as Diptyque Satin Oil, the benefits are immense.

Check out the list I selected below of just a few of the types of oils you can look out for. Don’t forget your local health food shop is a mecca for oils as well!

Enjoy! xx

Summer Body Oils!


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