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I bring to you the last of my Asia-inspired beauty posts; this one featuring the gorgeous range by Kasumi Beauty.

I’ve been hitting the beauty posts pretty hard lately, most recently with my breakdown of South Korean skincare and cosmetics and why Westerners are suddenly addicted to their approach to beauty. It seems we are only just beginning to appreciate some tricks of the trade the Far East have been practicing for centuries now!

What’s special about Kasumi Beauty is while it’s inspiration is derived from Asia, the line is actually based in Western Australia. Kenneth Lim designed the range in order to help combat his own skin allergies and found Asian remedies were far more gentle on his skin. Lim’s background from Hong Kong and Singapore also lead to his interest in researching Asian regimes. Deciding to spread the word, Lim focused on non-irritating and commonly used Asian ingredients such as; Camellia Oil, Siberian Ginseng, Gingko and Goji Berry.

Kasumi Beauty’s range does not disappoint! Here are my favourites from Kasumi.

Yuzu and Green Tea Luxurious Moisturiser

Image Credit: Kasumi Beauty


With a delicate scent and silk like texture, this glamorous cream slides on and absorbs thoroughly without leaving a greasy film on your skin. Scented with the Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu and boasting ingredient list heavyweights of Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, the cream is then topped off with Green Tea for an additional antioxidant boost!

This is my daily moisturising stalwart for it’s subtle scent and ability to absorb thoroughly so I don’t find getting dressed to be a strenuous chore! I also find it doesn’t run as much after basketball training as many moisturisers do while sweating.

Facial Cleanser

Image Credit: Kasumi Beauty


When I received the samples in the post, I hadn’t high hopes for any of the facial products. I have awfully sensitive skin which freaks out at any hint of fragrance and I was skeptical of the inclusion of certain oils and rosemary in the ingredients list. With that being said, I was pleasantly proved wrong by this simple, diligent cleanser. It is exceptionally adept at removing makeup for both the face and eyes without stinging. Two of my friends also tried this cleanser with very different skin to my own with the same result. The best part is the lack of irritation or redness post usage.

I rotate between this cleanser and my Paula’s Choice version. This product is perfect as your standard daily cleanser to remove makeup and excess oil, but if you are looking for exfoliation or anything fancy with AHA/BHA then you will need to add something additional to your routine.

I had a great time sampling these products! Next on my list is their Green Tea, Jasmine and Seaweed Bath Bags for hair and skin.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Good night!

Mel xo


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