Cozy Winter #Inspiration

Who said Giraffes belong in the heat?! We’ve evolved, okay?

Loving this rainy tranquility! Spending time indoors doesn’t have to be boring! Throw a tea or pajama party adorned with comfy sleepwear, tea and mulled wine. People can be comfortable and stylish! I’m often accused of being a rather “weird” Australian for my hatred of the heat, but I just see so much good in the colder months. Hydration for our parched land, a natural car-wash (hehe), rosie cheeks flushed from the cool air and above all, cozy nights in with good people. What’s not to love?

Cozy Winter #Inspiration

Agent Provocateur pink silk pajamas
465 AUD –

Skin nightgown
99 AUD –

DKNY pajamas
62 AUD –

Wildfox modal sleepwear
20 AUD –

UGG Australia shearling booties
280 AUD –

Body cleanser
11 AUD –

Bed pillow
145 AUD –

Woven Workz lightweight throw
69 AUD –

Artland wine glasses
43 AUD –

Vanilla cupcake candle
105 AUD –

Bodum coffee maker
37 AUD –

Godiva heart home decor
42 AUD –

Scion red tea cup
23 AUD –

H M bed sheet
15 AUD –

Bar tool
8.53 AUD –

Chocolate Bar Malted Milkshake
4.65 AUD –

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