Part 2: Korean Skincare


So hopefully you all read my last post – an introduction into the Korean 10 step skin routine. As I mentioned, there is far too much information for just the one post, so this is officially part 2 of the series.

Today we will talk about other forms of skincare which aren’t common in our Australian routine.

Enter the realm of; double cleansing, bubble masks, enzyme masks and fermented products. 

The Double Cleanse

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We’re all familiar with the ritual of cleansing twice per day. I know some of you will be afraid to admit you don’t even cleanse everyday, so the thought of double cleansing may sound ludicrous. I’ve got really diligent with cleansing since I had a some breakouts in my early 20s. I was doing everything wrong and had to research and work hard to fix it. I still need to work at my skin or I am prone to breakouts, which is why the double cleanse caught my attention.

It’s hard to remove all your makeup through one cleanse. I often find that even after I’ve used makeup remover and cleanser, I still have left over streaks when I tone.

So the theory behind the Korean double cleanse is to first use an oil based cleanser, then followed with a foaming cleanser. Clean skin also means your antioxidant products will better absorb post cleansing, so there is some added incentive there for all you vanity freaks out there!!

Oil helps remove oil based product, such as makeup which can be tedious to remove and a any excess oil (yes, I know, it sounds weird that oil helps remove oil).

The foaming wash helps remove excess dirt and debris, as well as dry skin cells, without stripping your skin.

The Process:

1. Oil Cleanse: Choose an oil cleanser, such as Shu Uemura, and follow the below process.

Shu Uemura USA
Shu Uemura USA

2. Foaming Cleanse: Try SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Foam (even just for the name!). This step is your stock-standard process we’re all familiar with; wet your face, apply product and gently wash your face and neck.


Koreans really understand the whole variety is the spice of life motto. This is probably why I love shopping their ranges so much! Bubble masks are an interesting take on what some of us already use. I’ve only sampled two thus far, the SU:M37 White Award Bubble-De Mask from Cosmohut, and Missha’s Super Aqua Double Enzyme Mask.

Image: Missha US
Image: Missha US


And the result ends up something like this….


The point of these masks is usually for brightening and clearing skin by drawing our impurities. Something we all probably covet. So if that’s your deal, you need these masks in your life! I didn’t notice a difference immediately, but the following morning I definitely felt more refreshed!

Fermented Products 

This is a fairly new phenomenon, even in Korea. So we aren’t that far behind.

Not so surprising when you think about how much we’ve been overdosing on fermented food lately (kimchi, sauerkraut), these fads often find their way over to cosmetics eventually. SU:M37 (see mask above) is a line completely devoted to fermented products, and the Missha First Treatment Essence credits fermented yeast for it’s glowing results.

In the same way fermented food is good for your body, Koreans are dabbling in formulas to produce similar results when applied topically.

Karen Ballou, CEO of Immunocologie, sums up best via Refinery29; “By fermenting key ingredients, we actually enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredients that are loaded in the product. Most [un-fermented] skin care is created by heating up a blended formula to a high temperature and then cooling it down, which can potentially lower the effectiveness of the plant active.” Ballou also believes they are most suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Lines to look for – Missha’s Time Revolution line, SU:M37, Sulwhasoo (sheet mask), SK-II (facial essence), Immunocologie, Goodal.  

So there you have it! Hopefully you have learnt something today, or at the very least it may have piqued your interest in other cultures and their routines.

Any question, feel free to ask! I’m off to buy some oil cleanser today!

Mel xo



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