The Khaki Effect

Zara Khaki pants, vintage bag and belt, H&M blazer, Dinosaur Designs earrings, Bassike tank, Converse shoes


I love pants so much! I have many pairs of jeans and other varieties that bring me so much joy – from harem pants to capris to tracksuit pants and jeans – I have pretty much any kind on offer. Part of the reason I love Winter so much is due to this obsession.

I was actually on the hunt for some leather pants the other day in Zara and instead came home with these Khakis. I know not everyone loves Zara but I seem to always come out with a win when I shop there. Anyway…

The style is slightly baggy (something my mum was unsure of at the time) and worm mid to high waisted with a belt. They are also not quite full length (roughly 3/4), so perfect for long-legged lass’ who find it hard to get any pants to reach the desired full length!

I love their versatility also. For instance, you can turn them into night-wear with heels, or be casual with converse or flats. Likewise if you like to play around with gender; you can create a very feminine image with a slightly revealing top and accessories, or you can have an edgier, masculine vibe with a button down and minimal accessories and combat boots.

And besides, if Emmanuelle Alt is a fan then I must be onto a good thing!

I wore the Khakis to breakfast this morning with white converse (well, they were white), vintage black bag and belt, Dinosaur Designs drop earrings, H&M blazer and a Bassike tank. All without the added pressure of tight pants straining against my poached eggs! Winning!

As always, thanks for stopping by! For more looks, see below!

Mel xo

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