Winter Wardrobe On A Budget!

vscocam-photo-1 (2)
$6 dress from Nulsen op shop, $40 leather handbag from Germany bought from Murdoch University second hand stall


Winter officially kicked off on June 1st, yet most of us have been busting out our Winter favourites for a solid few weeks now!

As soon as the sun hides itself for a couple of days, Australians seem to rush to the back of their closets to dig out last season’s trench and scarf at warp speed.

It could be that we are just a little spoilt with our excessive sunshine Down Under, or perhaps we secretly just love to rug up and wear fabulous boots and coats?

I’m sure the novelty factor for Aussies absolutely plays a role. I know it does for me!

Whatever the reason, one fact we cannot deny when it comes to the Winter wardrobe is the price tag. That. Shit. Is. Expensive. Yo!

The boots, coats, blazers, jeans, leather, scarves, knits and so on can really add up!

Which got me wondering about my other options. As a student, I’m not exactly raking in the big bucks. Needless to say, I have to improvise and often this means hitting the thrift shop.

Now I know some people have immense judgement when it comes to second-hand goods. I have only had positive experiences and I also love the look of something which is worn in so for me, it works. It can be a little time consuming and there are many days when you come out empty handed. I’m still after some quality, not cheap and nasty. You also learn to be savvy with your style, for example; I’ve teamed Chanel bags with knits from the Good Sammy, and last week I wore a $6 dress with Dinosaur Designs earrings, Tinkeredby ring and Mollini boots (see gallery).

Have a peruse through the gallery at some of my steals! Most recently, I came home with 3 new jumpers for $2 each! And a David Lawrence blazer for $3! Ridiculous!

Some of the op shops I frequent are:

  • Good Sammy – High Rd, Willetton and Bannister Rd, Canning Vale
  • Subiaco Boutique Salvos – Rowland St, Subiaco 
  • Salvo’s – South St, O’Connor
  • Vinnies – South St, Hilton
  • Nulsen Op Shop – East Vic Park
  • Save the Children – East Vic Park  

If you are into more recycled boutiques and higher-end second hand clothing then check out SuzSuq Vintage Designerwear, or the Two by One recycled boutique on Ardross St in Applecross.

What are some of your favourite thrift stores?

Or, do you have a hatred for anything which is not brand new?

Chat soon!

Mel xo



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