The Art of Solo Dining: #Masturdating


Image: Google images
Image: Google images

A slightly different topic today, but please bear with me. There is still an element of style involved I assure you.

I want to talk about “solo dining,” or as I’ve recently been informed, the new social media term of #masturdating.

No, I am not referring to some kind of kinky cyber activity, but rather the act of eating by one’s self.

I am also not referring to “on the couch time” or solo meals during your lunch hour at work/university. I’m talking real-deal, Single Sally dining here.

Sitting in Boucla’s side lane!


For example; ever wake up thinking, “hmmm, I haven’t eaten at XYZ before, perhaps I’ll go today BUT damn, I have no one to go with?” I know some people wouldn’t be seen dead dining alone! The thought horrifies them.

However, I personally don’t see the issue. If I want to do something, I have no qualms with taking the initiative. Of course, if someone wanted to come with me I wouldn’t turn them down, but there is just something so liberating about dining by yourself and kind of zoning out for awhile and reflecting in a beautiful location with great food and coffee.

I do believe it is important to feel comfortable with your own company and not GAF about what other people think of you – something I feel consumes an alarming number of people and allowed to impact our lives negatively.

So the other day I took myself to Boucla, one of my favourite little cafe’s at the “better” end of Subiaco with a lovely selection of cakes and trinkets, as well as a gorgeous Moroccan themed side room where you can sip mint green tea. A fantastic alternative as I find Subi incredibly dull and characterless for the most part.

I hadn’t been in awhile as it is a little out of my way, and figured, why not?

My outfit consisted of: 

  • Nobody Skinny Jeans
  • Grey boots from Zomp
  • Whimsical blue cinched blazer
  • One Teaspoon white singlet
  • Vintage crossover handbag
  • Le Specs sunglasses

Since I wasn’t actually impressing anyone else, I left my face bare save for some SPF moisturiser and my favourite NUXE lipbalm (of course).

I would love to hear what some of you have to say about this topic!

Do you enjoy dining alone, or would you rather chop off your right arm for fear of social condemnation?




4 thoughts on “The Art of Solo Dining: #Masturdating

  1. Haha, masturdating, I love it!!! I’ve always enjoyed grabbing a bite to eat or catching a movie by myself. Sometimes it’s nice to spend time with yourself, especially if you don’t feel like entertaining someone else. Great topic!! 🙂

      1. I think it is becoming quite the norm these days , after all we all have different tastes in food and drink and its nice to sit down ,enjoy the meal and relax. the same goes for movies where we don’t all enjoy the same type of entertainment.

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