Mini Blogger Feature: Elena and Staci talks Winter, 70s style and basics

Images: 2,3,4 elena_and_staci personal Instagram. 1 and 3 photographed by myself.  

Ashleigh Vellios; my friend, blogger of Elena and Staci and fellow University student, is in some ways like a mini me. And I mean that literally. At 170cm she doesn’t quite make the cut for Giraffe status, yet I do feel we are on the same wavelength in terms of hobbies and personal style. From the outside, we are clearly polar opposites (blonde v brunette, younger, engaged etc), however, Ash is very clued in when it comes to dressing for her body and follows the same theories as I on things surrounding caked-on makeup and buying trends for the sake of following everyone else. Oh, we’re also both studying Public Relations and Journalism which no doubt plays a role in a our bloggie interests!

I caught up with Ash during the week to chat to her about winter and what life is like on the flipside (non-Giraffe side) of sartorial dedication….

Well…my favourite thing to wear is jeans…I love layering, I love getting a t-shirt and then getting a little cardi that’s longer and then a jacket and a scarf. With jeans, it’s really easy for me. I don’t have to worry about the length too much, the majority of the time, like, it’s perfect. When I go out I love to wear heels. It kinda works out for me too because my boyfriend isn’t too much taller than me, so when I wear heels we’re the same height. 

The majority of the time I prefer to wear heels cause it lengthens me a bit and gives me a bit of height as well. I’m loving Nobody denim at the moment, and they’ve got this new stretchy material in some of their jeans which is super comfortable, too. This winter I’m still loving basics and I love stripes in all seasons. I always keep my eye on Witchery, I love Witchery, and at the moment a lot of the designers are featuring real 70s style, from lower end brands such as Witchery to slightly higher end like Carla Zampatti. Every winter, I always get a new jacket…. That’s my thing. I can like, have the same old jeans and old t-shirts, but I feel a jacket can really change it up. 

– As told to Melissa Moyle.

Mel xo




4 thoughts on “Mini Blogger Feature: Elena and Staci talks Winter, 70s style and basics

  1. Yes Ash is such a great assett to the youth of today and even
    the oldies like me can learn from Ash thanks for such
    Keep up the great work you will go far with such great potential.

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