The Perfect Flats For Fall

We all love a good heel, but really, who wants to limp around all day with aching arches and unsightly blisters? Practicality versus superficiality often comes to play when selecting between the two. Heels may make you feel glamorous and slimmer, however, flats are the undeniable winners for many women thanks to sheer comfort alone.  

For fall/winter this year I am loving these second hand red Lanvin ballet flats. Unbelievably, they were available in my size via a fellow Giraffe. I love wearing flats, even when I’m in boots I still tend to wander towards flatter varieties. I have really dodgy feet which seem to create blisters like they’re going out of fashion (no pun intended), so anything that isn’t going to irritate the hell out of me usually wins.

And, as much as I worship anything in black, I am welcoming the splash of colour these flats offer to a variety of outfits. The addition of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit is a non contrived way to looking chic!

The great thing about Australian weather is we can push the open-toe Summer-y flats well into Autumn before it becomes too cold or unacceptable.

It also goes without saying that if you are at all insecure about standing taller than 6ft and wearing heels (you shouldn’t be), some of the styles below may be for you! Comfort is how you feel both inside and out after all!


Flat shoes for fall

Valentino pointed toe flat
1 015 AUD –

Leopard print shoes
31 AUD –

H&m shoes
23 AUD –

Converse champagne shoes
135 AUD –

Roger Vivier white ballet flat
865 AUD –

Dolce Gabbana ballerina flat
1 955 AUD –



Mel xo

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