The Perfect Orange Lip

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I’m back again to chat about my favourite topic – beauty products!

Why orange, you say? Well, the ruby lip has generated an abundance of attention with the female population – understandably so, due to its ability to flatter all skin tones and lip shapes. It’s also that classic, elegant look made popular by many icons over the years.

I guarantee that somewhere, no matter what your colouring/features are, there is a red lip just waiting for you! One of the most popular faves on everyones lips has got to be MAC’s Ruby Woo, with a close second going to NARS’ Dragon Girl.

My personal favourite is another NARS shade in Heat Wave. It’s creamy and stays on for hours. It’s also not too blood red so I don’t feel silly wearing it during the day, or even just somewhere super casual like popping out to the shops.  

But what about that not so distant cousin Orange?

Often overlooked as too “out there,” there aren’t many who venture to the orange side of town.

I have just about every colour of the rainbow in my lipstick collection. Favourites being; reds, purples and a type of browny pink which I have no idea how to correctly describe or any idea of what it’s called. However, only recently have I decided to dabble with some orange. And I must confess, I am quite impressed!

The trick with getting the correct shade of citrus, as with all makeup, is knowing your skin’s undertone.

FYI here is a quick guide to undertones for those who don’t know!

  • Undertones and skin tones often get confused, however, they are not the same thing. Skin tone can change due to sun exposure (or lack of) so you can get either lighter or darker in terms of tone 
  • BUT…Skin tones have nothing to do with your actual skin undertone, for example, you can have a suntan and yet still have pink undertones, or you can be like me and quite pasty at the moment cause I never see the sun (haha) and still have yellow undertones. It doesn’t change with the seasons, you will always have the same undertone
  • One way (although not definitive) is to look at your veins. If they look blue, then you might have cool undertones. If they are green, you are yellow and if they’re kind of purple or a mix then you’re neutral

I went into Mecca and asked a few friends for their take on how to wear orange for different tones.

The makeup artists at Mecca who sold me the NARS Audacious Geraldine suggested if you have yellow undertones then you can go a bit bolder with your orange. Which I did. She also suggested those with pinker/cool undertones to look for coral or lighter orange shades, as well as something with a hint of pink through it. Neutral tones, which are those who can wear a combination of colours, can even look for a bronze-orange type of tint.

NARS Audacious in Geraldine
NARS Audacious in Geraldine

I have noticed that a sheer, slightly glossy orange tint looks nice on just about anyone. So if you are too nervous to pay the big bucks, opt for a sheer tint such as ILIA Voila

Wearing the ILIA Voila shade
Wearing the ILIA Voila shade

ILIA is a gorgeous range which has an ethical and sustainable approach to their cosmetics. All products are gentle and organic, as well as reasonably priced.

Additionally, Lisa Eldridge, a celebrity makeup artist from the UK has a wonderful beauty page and a fantastic video tutorial for doing the orange lip makeup which you can check out here!

I hope you’ve had fun and learnt something today!

Please let me know how you guys with your own orange experiences!

Mel xo


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