Giraffe Girl Crush: Maria Sharapova

Image: Vogue UK
Image: Vogue UK

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a “Giraffe Crush.”

I’ve been pretty busy with some other projects so its been hard to be consistent with my posts lately.

For this post, I’ve chosen Maria Sharapova. I feel she completely embodies the “Giraffe Style” with her mix of lengthy proportions, personal style and sporting background.

Whether Sharapova is winning Grand Slams or attending Fashion Week, she always manages to look chic and unique and dress appropriately for her height.

At 6ft 2, Sharapova is a lover of flats, and also enjoys high-waisted jeans and trousers and mini dresses for more formal occassions.

Her beauty routine appears to be fairly low-key, with natural, loose hair and fresh makeup.

I like Maria as a role model as she looks healthy, not ‘skinny,’ is active and competitive and knows what she wants, all the while still maintaining her femininity and a sense of style.

I’ve posted some pictures below for you to browse.

Happy March!

Mel xo

The 2012 ESPY Awards - Arrivals
Image: with Blake Lively




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