Sunday Favourites: The Over-Priced Candle

Photo Courtesy: Allume Candle Co. Instagram


I love low-key Sunday afternoons. I usually have basketball training in the morning, which leaves me to chill out for the rest of the day and sit in my “empty box” and do some serious SSB (secret single behaviour), which often includes lighting candles around me.

For this reason, my Sunday Favourite topic today is the over-priced candle.

I was doing some retail therapy a few weeks ago with a friend – rather she was participating in the therapy and I just went along for the coffee and conversation, when we came across a gift store with some heaven “scent” candles. My friend was having a rough week, and despite rapidly declining funds decided she just needed two $50+ candles from said store.

Me being me, I didn’t even bat an eyelid. In fact, I encouraged her. It makes perfect sense to me that that candle wouldn’t go astray.

I saw one of the boyfriends in the store, who was no doubt dragged there by his girlfriend, demonstrate some judgement as the price read out…Cue raised eyebrows.

So this got me thinking, why do we spend obscene amounts on a chunk of smelly wax?

For example, Jo Malone offers a “luxury candle” which retails at a whopping $600.

It does seem to be the same people who spend what others may consider obscene amounts on beauty products and clothes who also consider dropping a bomb on a candle as essential. So, gender aside, it’s perhaps more of a lifestyle choice.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I do adore Diptyque candles, so much so that when my brother came back from Paris recently I requested he bring me two home as they are cheaper over there compared with Mecca‘s jacked up price tag (roughly $80 and above), which does demonstrate that I know where to draw the line. I also mix more expensive candles with el cheapo supermarket varieties. I have a tiny bedroom, so I feel as though a candle helps me transform from shoebox to lush hotel room with the scratch of a match.

This is why I personally love the indulgent candle, and why I’ve chosen it as my Sunday favourites topic.

My friend’s explanation was that scented candles make her feel good – which is priceless, no?

Candles do vary in price. However, the fashion set et al seem to prefer labels such as: Diptyque, Tocca, Jo Malone, Glasshouse and Byredo.

My personal favourites are: Glasshouse in Tahaa, Diptyque in Noisetier and a newly discovered label I found on Instagram, Perth based Allumé Candle Co., who specialises in eco-friendly soy candles. I ordered their coffee scent with recycled glass and the smell is exquisite.

Happy Sunday everybody! Let me know what your Sunday favourites and SSB are!

Mel xo

Why Ladies Adore the Over-Priced Candle

Diptyque paris home decor
115 AUD –

Jo Malone rose candle
90 AUD –

Roja Parfums black home decor
605 AUD –

Fragrance candle

Tocca white home decor
49 AUD –

Byredo candles candleholder
94 AUD –

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