Fashionable Friends’ Share Their Sartorial New Years Resolutions for 2015

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January marks the beginning of change for many people – whether that be diet, lifestyle, job, location or temperament – you can be sure to hear various conversations regarding how individuals plan to self-improve when the new year commences.

Invariably, the need for improvement often extends to the wardrobe department. Monumental redesigning of personal style would have to be a close second to the usual gym junkie or green smoothie diet resolutions.

It’s as though we finally figured out by year’s end that those fuchsia coloured overalls with an inclusive camel toe really do need to be buried, and the uber-cool, sleek version of your inner-style goddess needs to be revitalised in 2015.

I decided to ask some of my most stylish and diverse friends about their own sartorial New Year’s resolutions, with the answers both anticipated and original.

There was, of course, common themes among friends. The words “basic” and “unflattering” featured heavily, with almost everyone saying they need to get rid of old junk and stock up on versatile, quality investment pieces.

Hannah Fell, a lovely and glamorous ex-fashion model turned “plus-size” model (I say plus-size with humour as if you were to see her you would wonder where the “plus-size” factor fits in) and nursing student, has recently cut her wardrobe in half and kindly donated “all frumpy, unflattering items.” Hannah also emphasised the need to “buy more for my body shape,” with a focus on knee-length fitted dresses, “and I’m really in the mood for 1950s hair.” Très chic!

Others wish to release themselves from self-imposed restrictions, such as my sister, Carly, who aims to buy less black “everything”, and create a more “elegant and feminine” wardrobe.

Gina Carlucci, a fellow student at University, has similarly decided to focus on femininity, “I want to stock up on more basic summer musts, more shorts, light t-shirts, a couple of everyday dresses.”

Naturally, money constraints are a common complaint, with both my friend Georgia Beardman and my sister wishing to revamp on a budget. Sass Knox, a stylish Botanist, professed to curb expenditure on “fads and trends which don’t reflect my personal style” and instead opt for versatility with quality essentials.

Georgia is also attempting to buck any trends. When discussing her wardrobe resolutions, Georgia was emphatic about feeling great in her clothes by reflection of who she is, not what she has been told to wear. “Trends and social expectations will play zero part in influencing my consumption.”

Ash Vellios, a fellow blogger over at Elena and Staci, supports Georgia’s outlook of showcasing her own personal style:

“One of my new year resolutions was to be more myself and confident and not worry about others opinions and I’m starting to reflect that in my style. So in the new year I’ve been buying a lot of clothes that are very me…Also with that I’m trying to be a little more adventurous with my style and bit different, so I’ve purchased some drop crutch pants and some Birkenstocks, which I’m really loving!”


Predictably, the vow of throwing out the junk featured heavily with most. Adair Howell, an American model who has just started her own line of watches, Circle + Hide, and business owner, Amanda Healy, wish to empty their lives of idle clothes which just “sit in my closet.” Although, Amanda did admit the task of clearing space would probably take her the whole of 2015 to complete. However, both also agreed on “simplifying,” with Adair promising “quality over quantity and only what I love.”

Clearly the most organised of my pals, Amanda wishes to “streamline” her wardrobe and implement a model of, “2 × good business suits, 2 × good casual dressing, 2× jeans, 2 × dressy night out outfits…you get the picture!!” Sounds amazing!

Basics proved to be the sartorial stalwart with everyone, including Jodie Miller, who is currently pregnant but somehow still looking fabulous, was adamant she would continue to purchase basics in 2015,”Anything that’s classic is worth investing in.”

So after all this chatter, what are my sartorial New Year’s resolutions? I’ll dot point for simplicity:

  • Remember the less is more mantra i.e natural hair/makeup/nails and avoid any look which feels too contrived 
  • find a great pair of ballet flats which are both durable and don’t shred my feet
  • avoid trends for the sake of trends, no matter how tempting they may be
  • visit the men’s department more often
  • invest in a feminine suit à la Le Smoking 

Happy New Year everyone! Be in touch soon!

Mel xo

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