6 Days, 6 Summer Looks, 1 Girl (Giraffe)

Over the Christmas break I wore… Several outfits which usually might collect dust while I’m busy with basketball and uni etc. I decided to put together a post about my holiday season fun! Details below. 

image[4] - Copy



Susan, the lovely owner of SuzSuq vintage online store (www.suzsuq.com.au) and also my employer, supplied me with some gorgeous vintage pieces in this photo. We were in need of a couple of photos and managed to put this look together. The dress is mine, but the accessories can be purchased from her online. Etro summer dress, Christian Dior gold chain, Anya Hindmarsh Summer tote and Simonetta Ravizza sunglasses. 

black shirt dress


  • I lived in this shirt dress for a solid two weeks after it was bought for me. Jules is a local Perth designer and makes some really beautiful shirt dresses which are miraculously long enough for me. I usually have to get the men’s shirts because they fit me better. I still do head to the men’s section, however. You can’t go past it! Miu Miu bag, Miu Miu gladiator sandals, Jules shirt dress. 

photo (7)


  • This was a casual Northbridge coffee date on New Years Day. Thankfully, I didn’t have a big night so I was pretty relaxed the next day. I found this navy kaftan in the oldies section of Myer Melbourne a couple of years ago. I remember staring at it at wondering why it was marked down so excessively! Regardless, I love it and wear it to death every Summer, either over bathers or just casually as above. Myer (?) kaftan/shirt dress, Miu Miu bag, Birkenstock shoes. 

image[6] - Copy


  • This one makes me laugh! This was on Christmas Day, and was kind of a make-shift “pool-side” outfit gone wrong. I wasn’t sure if I would swim that day, but I didn’t have any appropriate slip on shoes or bag, so it just kind of looked like I was headed to the Mall. Thankfully, the sarong covered my food belly from the preceding lunch! Seafolly bikini, Thailand sarong, Miu Miu gladiators and bag, Amanda’s hat, vintage sunglasses. 

flower garden

  • Finally, New Years Eve. As I am a certified NANNA on NYE due to the horrendous wait for a taxi and the fact that no matter which city I’ve traveled to or what “fancy” event I’ve been invited to or paid for, the night has always been the same. Basically, a flop. I’ve finally learned that there is zero point trying to make it happen for you on a night where everyone is trying wayyyy too hard (and wearing way too much makeup). I went to a gathering then to a picnic instead, followed by an evening on the couch. Mum bought me this pretty polka-dot skirt from FCUK, the tank is from Kookai (which I usually hate, but this basic is handy). My boyfriend also bought me back some stunning Tanzanian jewellery too, which I adore! Anything that I know I won’t spot here is a bonus! Sportscraft straw bag, FCUK polka-dot bubble skirt, Tanzanian bangles. 

Hope you like my choices! Feel free to say otherwise, either by commenting or if you’re brave – to my face! I won’t object….

Happy holidays!

Mel xo



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