Mokosh Review: Ayurveda in a jar


The meteoric rise of eco-friendly, organic, natural, unicorn hair infused and snake-oil varieties of skincare in the last few years has been nothing short of overwhelming. These buzz words appear to draw in hoards of customers, as society seems to be increasingly interested in a quick-fix, cure-all skin product which is both effective and guilt-free/environmentally friendly.

I can’t say I’m any different. I think the younger generations, particularly, are more concerned with the environment than our predecessors for obvious reasons.

Heavenly packaging doesn’t go astray, either! No need to elaborate on this one! This is something Mokosh has nailed down to a fine art. You see, from my P.O.V, beautiful packaging kind of transfers you to be a better place – if only temporarily. When opening my Mokosh gifts, I felt suddenly transported to an exotic day spa fully equipped with sensuous oils and ancient healing genies.

@mokoshskincare Instagram
@mokoshskincare Instagram

For these reasons, I am super excited to introduce you to the Fremantle based skincare Mokosh; a fair-trade and organic line based in Western Australia.

Mokosh is run by Marion O’Leary, who is formerly a vet, pathologist, and medical scientist. No doubt this impressive background has helped Mokosh cultivate it’s glorious range which is “Free of preservatives, palm oil derivatives and synthetic ingredients of any kind.”

mokosh flat

Face Cleansing Powder: This was an interesting experiment for me. You are meant to carefully add a small amount of water to the powder and gently massage over your face. I not so cleverly added too much water the first time round and turned it into a runny mess! Note: watch the tutorials. Thankfully, I had extra leftover and made sure to be very careful in round 2.

face cleanser
Face Cleansing Powder

This extra gentle cleanser made my face feel soft and cleansed afterwards. It was also quite refreshing. I did wonder if my skin, which is on the oilier side, would be able to use this cleanser nightly and still avoid a breakout? I may not be educated in the area of proper skincare, but I do feel like I need something borderline industrial strength to ward off any unsightly friends popping up my face. For sensitive or dry skin, I feel this cleanser would be perfect!

Rating: 6.5/10

Pure Hydrosol Toner: I have never used a toner in my life! I found this to also be gentle with a pleasant aroma. It is meant to make the moisturiser easier to spread, which I believe it did. Besides, one of the ingredients is Melissa Officianlis, which could only be positive omen, right?

Pure Hydrosol Toner
Pure Hydrosol Toner

Rating: 7/10

Rich Face Cream: Skingasm! I thought this was to die! This cream IS heavy, hence the “rich” label, but it didn’t make me feel greasy as such. It was more hydrating, which is the entire point of a moisturiser which somehow seems to be lost on many face creams. Enriched with jojoba oil (one of my faves), shea butter and macadamia nut oil, this blend leaves you waking up with a baby soft and fresh appearance. The Mokosh website also recommend a heavenly ayurvedic massage technique.

I would recommend only using this as a night cream though, as it may be a tiny bit gooey under makeup/during the day. It also doesn’t contain any SPF.

rich face cream

Rating: 8/10

Moisturising Lip Balm: Yummy! A beautiful moisturising balm. Perfect for pre-lipstick application. Also has a subtle nutty taste and incredibly creamy on your lips. Not a colour or glossy finish though, this is more of a balm which is purely for hydration. I like to apply before bed.

Rating: 7/10

I loved sampling Mokosh! I would definitely purchase their products for further use, particularly the moisturiser and lipbalm. Despite general greeny undertones, I found the skincare to be effective as well as environmental and ethical. I love the philosophy behind this line, as I am a huge animal lover and believe every effort to help save our environment is worth it! No matter how small.

Have a wonderful Xmas everybody!

Mel xo

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