Hoops and Style Feature: Abby Bishop & Jennie Rintala

This week I bring you another feature post! I think it’s nice to get some diversity and include a variety of voices into the Giraffean culture.

Image: Geoff Tripp Photography
Image: Geoff Tripp Photography

I’ve chosen two very lovely, very tall and very talented ladies for this entry. I believe they encompass all that is Giraffe Style: height (obviously), talent, natural beauty, style and a unique story.

Image: Jennie Rintala Facebook
Image: Jennie Rintala Facebook

Jennie and I have played in the same team together for the last couple of seasons and Abby I have trained with and played against one another during various seasons. Jennie has also started her own blog Outstretched Ambitions documenting her travels.

 Abby Bishop

My name is Abby Bishop and I am a professional basketball player and a mum to Zala, who’s 15 months old.

abs and z caps

I went from being a normal, everyday 24 year old to an overnight mum. My little girl is my niece and I have had her since she was 2 days old. So for me, my life changed very quickly…

On being a mum: Since being a mum i don’t really get to dress up as much as I would like, and I find that my “style” these days is more the “sporty look” rather than anything else…I guess it’s the easy way out for me! 

Personal style: If you see me out of my “sporty look,” you’ll find me looking pretty casual. I’m more of a jeans, chucks and oversized tee type of girl.  The main reason behind the way I do dress is my because of my height. I am 6’3, so I do find it difficult to find long pants long enough, and shoes to fit my feet.

I get my jeans from an online shop in America, called Alloy. They go up to a 38” inseam, which is every tall girl’s DREAM. As for shoes, I have always had trouble finding as I wear a size 12 men’s shoe (13 women’s). There used to be a place called Barefoot Tess, but this got bought out by Long Tall Sally  and now the shoes are no way near as good as they were before and the range has shrunk too. Very disappointing for a tall girl with big feet!!

Hoops background: Basketball has been my life now for a long time. I have represented Australia at all levels and also been to an Olympic Games in 2012, in which the Australian Opals won a Bronze medal.

I have also played in America, for the Seattle Storm, in France and also in Hungary.

I’m currently playing in the WNBL for the University of Canberra Capitals, and we are mid way through our season.

On exercise: Because basketball is my job, I don’t really do anything else outside of our trainings to stay fit. So for me it’s just chasing around a 15 month old, and our weekly training schedule which includes 3 team practices, 2 individuals and 2/3 weights sessions a week.

Skincare: I really need to get my act together and find some good products for my skin. At the moment I moisturize my face with OLAY always once a day and sometimes twice to 3 times a day, as I always do this when I get out the shower, and sometimes with the training load, I am showering 2/3 times a day. I also wash my face with Benzac.

Makeup: With my makeup, I tend to go for a natural look. Lets be honest, this is because I am a rookie at doing my own makeup! I love the smokey eye look, but i really need to watch some YouTube videos on how to do this properly (Mel’s comment: Yes, don’t we all!).

I use a broad range of makeup brands and I love trying new ones for my extremely sensitive skin, so it’s just about experimenting and finding the right one for me. The one brand I am using at the moment is Glo Minerals and I really like their products.

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Jennie Rintala

My name is Jennie Rintala. I’m 6’2 and play professional basketball. I currently live in Southern California.

Jennie photos

Hoops background: I have played in Australia for 2 seasons and will be heading to Germany at the end of the month. I love the ability to play basketball while living abroad. It’s been a dream come true.

On exercise: Staying in shape is the most important part of my job. I work out 6 days a week, 3 days of cardio and 3 days lifting. I like to mix it up with new lifts, stretches and techniques. Along with the workouts I need to make sure I do the right recovery and put the right fuel into my body.

Her diet: I love to be creative in the kitchen and make healthy gluten free foods. I basically eat a paleo diet; lots of meat, veggies and little dairy. In saying that, I do enjoy my ice cream, starbursts, and donuts!

Skincare: I believe there is nothing more refreshing than throwing up my hair and washing my face when I get home. My skin is oily, so I like to use two different kinds of face wash. One is a deep cleanse and exfoliating from Skinstitut. I use this three times a week. The other is Neutrogena daily oil-free acne wash. I also use JOI hydrating day cream once a day. All these products make my skin feel rejuvenated and clean.


Makeup: My make-up routine is very simple. I like to embrace how I naturally look with a bit of enhancing. First, I even out my skin tone with powder foundation, add a bit of shimmer blush, a thin layer of eyeliner for some pop, mascara and finish with a light pink lip color. My favorite beauty routines are Crest 1 hour whiting strips andAveda Light Elements. A fresh smile and soft hair, that’s about all I need! (Mel’s comment: I can vouch for her having both of these attributes)

Personal style: Shopping can be a bit challenging… either the clothes don’t fit or my head is popping over the top of the dressing room (#tallgirlprobs). I describe my style as “simply chic”. I think the shops I have the most success at are Gap and Long Tall Sally. I order online because they have a lot more variety and tall options!

My favorite pieces in my wardrobe are my skinny and boyfriend jeans, I like how they draw attention to my legs. I usually pair them with boots or casual kicks. I am all about functionality when it comes to my look. It’s what makes me confident and comfortable.

I am so thrilled to share this with Mel and her readers. I have admired her beauty and her fashion sense! Thanks Giraffe Style.

Jennie Rintala


–  As told to Melissa Moyle

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