Tips for Dressing Tall

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As keeping with the theme of this blog, I decided to post some tips for how to highlight the positives of your height, while downplaying some perceived negatives.

I believe women have come a long way in recent years in terms of embracing our shape (short or tall, petite or womanly etc). The quintessence of femininity is no longer punctuated by your size. Or at least, I feel there is more variation in terms of this topic and fashion choices.

The problem still remains, however, that shopping for clothes can be a nightmare for lengthy peeps. Anyone over about 5ft 11in will remind you that the struggle is REAL to find pants long enough, shoes big enough and don’t even consider the idea of wearing a play-suit/jump-suit without enduring a relentless camel-toe.

The worst has GOT to be jeans though, as wearing them too short is a pretty horrendous look on ANYONE. I beg you to present me someone who looks cute in ankle-freezer jeans. Nuh-uh. In a previous post, I picked out the labels who do try to offer some length in their denim.

Anyway, there are certain things to take into consideration when styling an outfit. Whether you’re keen to emphasise your height or downplay it, I’ve put together some tips on dressing for your height. I’ve added various images in the slideshow above to showcase some of my tips.

Tall girls can wear heels: I hate it when you go somewhere and people automatically stare at your feet before being all like, “that’s so not fair you’re wearing heels, you’re already tall enough!” Which I kind of feel is pretty discriminatory, as if you can only wear them if you need a boost or there’s a height limit attached to the type of shoe you wear. It’s no secret that heels elongate the legs and are flattering to your figure, they are also essential to certain outfits and occasions. If you feel uncomfortable in heels I should verify that I am not suggesting a stiletto, wearing a kitten heel or mid heel pump can still work wonders to an otherwise lacklustre outfit. Although you can always embrace flats: I  heart flat shoes. Not only for comfort reasons (duh), but there are some really gorgeous ballet flats, sandals, birkies (for those like me who are so inclined) that you can choose from, so you needn’t worry about the pain of blisters and aching feet if you don’t have to.

Baggy outfits should be avoided: I hate giving those “must” tips, because I’m a big believer in whatever floats your boat – do that! But unless you’re built like Nicole Richie, there are very few us who can pull off the baggy outfit. And, you should know I NEVER trust a male’s opinion when it comes to clothing, but even they hate it so for once they may have generated some street cred. Anyway, I find baggy outfits make everything look bigger in general. Baggy can look amazing on either the top or the bottom, say a looser top with jeans or vice versa, but all over can be unflattering and even more so if you’re trying to down-size yourself.

Wear short skirts and shorts: I don’t think I need to explain this one, but I will to save confusion. Most people kill for long legs, so why cover them up? Obviously becoming one dimensional with your choices can be boring, but one of the most common complaints I hear from shorter friends is about how they would love to have longer legs. So, if you’ve got them, why not? I’m not suggesting excessive butt-cheek action denim shorts necessarily, but I think revealing legs is a non-tacky way of showing skin and still looking on-trend all at once. Medium length dresses and skirts to downplay: Having said all that about showing off legs, if you are one who prefers to downplay your length, medium length dresses work best. Maxi dresses and other floor length skirts and gowns will draw attention to your height, as will anything short. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Bold prints and patterns are cool: Tall girls are perfect for bold patterns and prints as you are less likely to become smothered and lost in them. A patterned top with denim or bold printed dress with neutral blazer or similar can look really flattering if you have the height to pull it off.

I could add more, but in the interest of not boring everyone to death with an essay, I am going to leave it there. I’ll be sure to add a few more into another post. I guess the main tip is to be comfortable – whether that be to accentuate or hide certain features. There are no set rules for how to be you, so you may as well experiment and have fun with it!

Mel xo











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